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5/14/2019 c13 4Page Galaxy
This was one sharp shot of sonder if I ever felt pangs in my chest. Well done, excellent. Poetry and many of the topics actually are realistic and relatable to even people today. Thanks for this. It’s a real high note on the verge of a hopeless night.

5/3/2019 c13 GhostPhenoix
Oh. My. GhastlyFire! This is the best! I love it!
9/29/2018 c13 Joy Phantom
Okay this is just adorable and makes me feel all squishy and such. Mr Lancer is probably my favorite adult non ghost character (my favorite adult character being a tie between Clocky and Frostbite). So cute!
5/24/2018 c5 5Bonuscat
1/19/2018 c13 12Narya Anima
This is the cutest think ever.
12/22/2016 c8 10TheOperaticSquirrel
Ha! I can so relate with Mr. Lancer. "Stories! Imaginary characters! You are my only friends!". I especially liked this little insight to Dash. I also really liked Valerie's peom. It was extremely well written.
12/7/2016 c11 Guest
aaand you cannot write a song fic or a poem based fic if you either suck at or arnt really good at writing. your writing is 6th grade level. barely.
7/16/2016 c13 1The Earth Elemental
Great story, the poetry within it that was attached to the various characters was really meaningful and beautiful.
6/23/2016 c13 Aurarose02
You made me smile today
Not in the way that you see
But deep down inside
You made me feel alive
You made me smile and I could feel it
The warm, tingly feeling of happiness
It's always nice to smile. Especially on the inside
6/4/2016 c8 Anonymous
I can relate to Mr. Lancer in this chapter.
4/24/2016 c13 lexi1220
cute :)
3/29/2016 c13 36Eagle Dreamer
i loved your story. the poems were really good.
1/1/2016 c13 6Specter14
Haha, what a cute story! I loved reading this. Nice work! :D
12/20/2015 c13 8EmPro8
Woah. Did you write these? They're great! I'm so glad I read this! I came up with 3-4 new poems by reading these! I loved Danny's poem especially. The ending was terrific. I need to got to bed now. It's 2:23 AM, and I'm tired. Love this, love your style, love sleep. Need to go to bed. Bye!
11/3/2015 c13 Wolfwind97
I don't have enough time to actually log in, but I just wanted to tell you that I love this story! I'm in college now, so the last chapter really hit me in the feels. Excellent job!
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