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for Redefining a Firestarter

12/18/2015 c14 Guest
More about Kir
Some of the best fan fIc I've read :)
12/14/2015 c14 Miconis
More background on Karse. I swear I could follow Kir and Anur for another dozen stories or more
12/13/2015 c14 1Beloved Daughter
Thanks for another great chapter update. You know, somehow it never quite struck me that Anur was almost burned alive but he's fine with Kir manipulating flames. That's quite a bit of trust right there...

I can't wait for more.
11/7/2015 c13 hmb20005
Hello, I just finished your FAB series, it was recommended to my by Wendums when I complained about the lack of new stories in the valdemar section. Took me all week but I really enjoyed the series, and am likeing the Redefining a firestarter just as much hope to see more updates on it soon. I think the way you showed not everything is black and white, and that even an enemy can become a friend was really well written. Hope to see many more chapter soon.
10/15/2015 c13 Miconis
An uneventful chapter but most character development. Looking forward to another chapter
10/13/2015 c13 Beloved Daughter
Great to hear from you again! The clean up after battle - can't imagine that many people could sleep well, as you mentioned. Loved the chapter update, as always. :D
10/13/2015 c13 95TMI Fairy
1 - I loved the off hand observation that the ban on summoning demons will allow Karsites to enjoy the night sky;
2 - I wonder what sort of inquistrix Anika could make. With her poor experience with the priesthood - Rotten Apples leading Paradigms of Faith 6:3 - I imagine that she would be merciless and unrelenting in rooting out Evil! Priests.
9/12/2015 c12 Miconis
Nothing like some righteous smiting to make the day brighter!
9/8/2015 c12 wendums
Fantastic chapter.
9/8/2015 c12 Weasel Fu
I just love this series, thanks for writing!
9/7/2015 c12 5Alva Moondancer
This is fantastic! Your writing made my day.
9/7/2015 c12 K'valdemar
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee you UPDATED!:)
9/6/2015 c12 95TMI Fairy
9/6/2015 c12 1Beloved Daughter
Another awesome chapter update. Kir truly arrived just in the knick of time. I have a feel that this will add to his legend... :D
8/27/2015 c11 Miconis
Getting impatient for the Wrath of Kir to be unleashed! Let's get on with the smiting already lol Kir on Aelius's back...now that's a pair that could do some serious damage
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