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for Redefining a Firestarter

1/15/2015 c4 95TMI Fairy
A powerful chapter.
Very good.
The small clothing miracle - nice :)
Firecat - I'm not sure. I understand that Vkandis is giving a Sign of his fvour to say: "Firestarters are NOT to be disbanded not persecuted".
So, after reassuring the other Firestarters that they should not slit their wrists, I'd imagine Kari making a few more or less public appearances the message about Vkandis favour home, and then dissappear or keep very much to the sidelines.
1/10/2015 c3 1Beloved Daughter
Love this story so far! "Sun in Glory" eh? I have read it... but it's been a long, long time since I last read it. Hm... May have to get my hands on a copy again. :)

I was particularly amused by the comments on gaudy, ornate decorations and Kir and Anur's actions concerning their fellow firestarters. Brilliant!

Can't wait for more!
1/8/2015 c2 wendums
Good story idea and yes the thing with Rodri is truest believable
1/7/2015 c3 strawberry shave ice
I've been re-reading your previous stories - will there be a more detailed explanation of Riva's unhorselike (more like a Companion) behavior soon?
1/4/2015 c3 95TMI Fairy
Solaris - now I know who coined the frase about spice cake - "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips".
I'd prefer a lesser distance btween the annoucnement that Firestaters have been burning innocent children for centuries and "now".
Here - I understand - they've had several days to stew in their (burnt) sauce. And in this time they could have - quell horruer! - reached some sort of conclusions. Maybe one or two jad burned themsves in shame?
Freshly shocked would be better, no?
1/3/2015 c2 Guest
Very believable. Glad to see you are continuing! looking forward to reading more about Kir, Anur and Aelius!
1/2/2015 c2 2Lyrrl
VJ Riddle,

I usually don't review unless I have some constructive critisism to offer. As a result, this is going to be a very short review compared to my normal length.

I've been re-reading the Exile sub-series, and from what I can see you've done a very good job of inserting your interpretation of Karse into what we are given as Cannon by Mercedes Lackey. You also have a fantastic grasp on characterization and the personalities of your characters, and your plot is very interesting. Honestly, my only complaint about this series is that I found it right before Final Exam week, which did nothing good to my ability to easily concentrate on studying.

Thus far, I have a question and a comment:
Are Firestarters what are refered to as Voices in the Exile series?
I'm interested in seeing more of Kiara's point of view, especially as she hears more about her (I assume, though I'll have to re-read most of your series to check on Kir's siblings) older brother. Will she have a greater part to play?

Thank you for the wonderful series, the new instalment (looking to be just as interesting as the previous ones!), and for deciding to share them all!
1/2/2015 c1 2dog3n
Great start to the new year!
1/2/2015 c2 strawberry shave ice
I can't wait for your next chapter! Great story!
1/1/2015 c2 95TMI Fairy
Is it wise to give anybody access to Auelius "the Paint" Companion of the Lieutenant Enforcer?
Not better to say - he is such a wild one - that only the Lieutenant Enforcer or the Radiant Break in the Clouds can touch him?
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