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for More Good than Harm

9/28/2020 c2 Guest
Bastante interesante una lastima que esto está descontinuado
5/25/2018 c3 MadreMiaGuilyxd
This is dead isn't it?
3/31/2018 c3 Potato
Good I like it, doesn't go too in depth on the characters and doesn't over load you with details.
11/4/2017 c3 wolfnymph1
Looks fine to me
7/28/2017 c3 TakeoutBrich333
Wow, I find strange how on the summery you said how there wasn't any Alex and Delsin stores out there yet you haven't updated this story for a few years. So I will just assume this is dead.
4/16/2017 c3 Tarun
When is the next chapter coming out? Anticipating to see the new look of Alex.
2/10/2017 c3 1Mitsuki Shigamatsu
This is pretty good. Any plans to continue this?
8/6/2016 c3 1Hahasucka693
Please don't stop it stop right when it was getting tithe good part man...
Please please please update
I'm dying to know what's going to happen
You are a great author you should believe in yourself
I'm sure that everyone who have read your story have loved it please continue with the great work
3/28/2016 c1 Guest
Interesting so far. I hope you keep it up!
2/23/2016 c3 11AnnAisu
You...gave Alex a trench coat. Over a hoodie. ...wow. I am legitimately impressed. I don't know the other fandom of this crossover, and occasionally your sentences seem a little off, but I am enjoying this story. You seem to have Alex pretty much perfectly in character, as far as I can tell. The characters are really well written. _
12/16/2015 c3 IamMelapples
*applauds you* Very interesting story. I'm wondering if there is going to be some sort of rivalry between Delsin and Alex.

The way you write Alex seems pretty accurate, and I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

Please update soon.
12/10/2015 c3 1TenWing
Not bad at all it's pretty good
12/7/2015 c3 Sharp D Ocean
Yeesssss. You didn't abandon it, thank god. There really isn't much Prototype crossover fanfictions with an interesting concept, let alone with inFamous, so I'm really glad you've decided to continue working on this story. :)
In my opinion, I think your writing has improved since the last chapter so don't worry too much. You're doing great!
Thanks for the update! :D
11/30/2015 c4 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Where are you?
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