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for The Troubles & Joys of Having Many Secrets

1/21/2021 c15 Guest
Amazing, great writing and end ing was so sad I am crying
3/17/2020 c15 Guest
oh wow
5/11/2018 c15 3
I was sort of hesitant to read this at first but I loved it! Near tears at the end.
10/27/2015 c1 laurene32
:-) omg awesome job! :-) :-):-) Love it so very much! :-) Awesome job! :-) :-) omg love
2/1/2015 c14 Guest
I hope they respect her when they find out shes an angel
2/1/2015 c15 1BookNerd12k
I cried so much gosh everyone has gone their own ways or is either dead gosh you make die
2/1/2015 c15 Layla347
Love the chapter. :)
2/1/2015 c15 ICouldBeYourFantasy
1/31/2015 c14 pandoraandamanda077
this is so good!
1/31/2015 c13 Layla347
I can't wait to see more update soon please. :)
1/31/2015 c13 pandoraandamanda077
This story is awesome! I love it so much! Hope to read more soon and see what you do with it!
1/31/2015 c13 ICouldBeYourFantasy
I can't wait for the clave to know that she's an angels!
1/25/2015 c12 4TMIHerondales
hey, I don't like authors notes as chapters so if I don't update for I while I'll explain in the reviews. thankyou everyone who has reviewed, I wish I could answer the guest reviews, but I can't. my mum took the laptop to America for a week so I can't update until this weekend, so just hang tight. I don't like writing on the computer, I prefer the laptop, but seeing as I have nothing to so this week, I'll try to write on the computer, thanks for all your great reviews, and I'll try to fix the mistakes before I update.
1/23/2015 c12 Guest
soooooooooooooooooooooooo good
1/19/2015 c12 Eemmah
OMFG THIS WAS SO AMAZING I READ THE WHOLE THING OVER THE LAST HOURISH AND LET ME JUST SAY, I APPLOR (lol best speller in the whole fricken world) THIS WAS AMAZING AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER :) but I do have to say there are few mistakes here and there but I can't talk :)
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