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for Digimon Tamers: The Battle of Two Worlds

7/25/2016 c7 cesar k-non
pretty good i like it
8/29/2015 c7 guest
It's a good story please update
4/17/2015 c7 2JGResidentEvil
Here's a question for you, would you alter the Digimon Tamer story slightly and add other things besides adding Ryan?
4/4/2015 c2 Guest
Yugioh is fucking terrible

Cardfight is better
2/21/2015 c6 1XxXxLoveTheGamexXxX
Frontier and Xros Wars are pretty good but Data Squad pissed me off something awful, so much so that I refuse to acknowledge it as a Digimon season.
2/16/2015 c6 Fhchcydrxrc
Frontier is my second favorite series, it was a perfect mix of the original and Tamers and trust me when I say if you like Tamers, you'll like Frontier. Don't bother with Data Squad or Fusion, I can't stand either. You could watch them, I just don't recomend them
2/13/2015 c7 5Knight25
Good story
2/13/2015 c7 1dx-1118
I don't think the chapters are rushed, and I do like the more regular updates, but if you feel that you could make them better by taking more time with them and including more stuff then that's your decision.
2/7/2015 c6 dx-1118
I never watched Frontier. By the time I found out it even existed Data Squad was already on, and the idea that the humans don't have partners, but rather turn into Digimon, just didn't appeal. It seemed more like Power Rangers than Digimon. Plus I didn't like that there was only one girl on the team. You might like Data Squad, it has some pretty epic moments, an interesting plot and villains, the digivolutions are cool at least, and all the main characters' Digimon reach Mega level (and even surpass it) as opposed to just one or two of them. The main character is kind of annoying though, and seeing him somehow punch Digimon with his bare fists gets old fast. Some of the other characters are interesting though. Fusion, well I watched some of it and I liked it, and you may like it as well, it's just not the same as the old show though. I mean, I get that they wanted to try a different formula, but the digi-fuse just isn't the same as good old digivolving (though we do get a digivolution in episode 30), plus the fact that not all the main kids have partners and those that do have more than one, so it's not as personal a bond. I really do think they got it right with Tamers and I would've loved to see another season of that. They are making a new season of Adventure though.

Anyway, good chapter, good luck with the next one. Would like to see more of Rika and her interactions with Takato, since that's supposed to be the focus of this AU. When Tamers first aired, she was my favourite character, and her battles against Dokugamon and IceDevimon have stayed with me. Looking forward to seeing you recreate those.
2/6/2015 c6 lavenderkitten 322
Data squad is in my option the worst season I have ever watched .Fusion was ok .But you should definitely watch frontier.
2/6/2015 c2 32Zero Slash One
About your end AN complaints...

(1) Jaden/Alexis was mainly an invention of the 4Kids dub; in the original version, there was considerably less emphasis on that pairing, to the point where it was not even a realistic option. GX (sub) was more in favor of Jaden/Jesse, and ultimately, Jaden/Yubel.

(2) About Taiora, it had a sound reason to not be made canon; from what I gather, the sub version displayed Tai and Sora as being emotionally out of synch (recall, the movie , whereas Matt & Sora had several moments where they were shown to connect.

(3) As for Takari, a number of scenes in 02 showcases it just not being an option; both in that TK expressed affection for Catherine during the World Tour, and in that one of 02's songs made it clear that Kari doesn't view him such, and so on.

Apart from that, good work on the chapter.
2/1/2015 c5 Guest
What is your least favorite season
1/27/2015 c4 Fhchcydrxrc
You should watch Arc-V, the main charcter uses hippo's and is only 95% as annoying as Yuma (First, SARCASM) (Crap, you haven't seen much of Zexal, imagine the most high pitched annoying voice you can think, have him talk as much as Navi in Ocarina of Time, and give him stupid catch phrases.) I've given up on Yu Gi Oh, I still play the card game, but the anime isn't worth it anymore. I started to lose hope in Digimon, but then Adventure Tri showed up and I instantly was content with the brand.

Anyways, great job. Good fights, and its pacing is extremely similar to actual Tamers, just a little more action and comedy. This is an overall believable Fanfiction
1/16/2015 c3 1BlackLatios562
Let me guess... Veemon-Veedramon-AeroVeedramon-UlforceVeedramon?
1/16/2015 c3 50God of the Challenge
It's gonna be veedramon, isn't it?
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