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11/23/2015 c16 4ll manda lynn ll
I'm going there now!
11/23/2015 c14 ll manda lynn ll
Tears. I'm such a dork. This is like the first sad ending I've ever read to a fanfiction. And it isn't completely sad. It's just- their summer is gone and they're away from each other and it hurts me. Only good writing evokes strong emotion. I think it's the most human think to do, when you cry over a book. Because those characters aren't real and this never happened but you feel what they feel and know what they know.
And then, it's gone.
11/23/2015 c13 ll manda lynn ll
Well I cried. This is brilliant! I love your story it's amazing and well written and the characters are real. This is awesome!
11/23/2015 c12 ll manda lynn ll
Finally. He deserved nothing less.
11/23/2015 c11 ll manda lynn ll
Aw! This is SO precious! They're so freaking nice to her!
11/23/2015 c10 ll manda lynn ll
And youve basically summed up fangirling in three paragraphs or less.
11/23/2015 c9 ll manda lynn ll
Oh my freaking gosh! Tobias Eaton!
11/23/2015 c8 ll manda lynn ll
Therapy is the worst. -_- at least he found her though
11/23/2015 c7 ll manda lynn ll
This is really great. I'm excited to see what you do with this. This is really interesting.
11/23/2015 c6 ll manda lynn ll
No! Her dad's going to kill her! I need to read more I'm going to cut this short and read more.
11/23/2015 c5 ll manda lynn ll
Allison is... Obnoxious to put it nicely. I would hate to have to deal with her. this is going to be very interesting.
11/23/2015 c4 ll manda lynn ll
They're so adorable. The perfect couple! When are they going to kiss and get it over with? Too soon? Too soon.
11/23/2015 c3 ll manda lynn ll
Zachary is just about the sweetest thing ever! He'd better not wind up just like Tobias, but you should never meet your heros. It's easy to imagine them being perfect if you've never spoken to them.
11/23/2015 c2 ll manda lynn ll
Her dad is an asshole. I really like this! It's really fun to read!
11/23/2015 c1 ll manda lynn ll
That. Sucks. Honestly, I can relate to tris minus the whole it being a dare thing. I was invited to a party one time and I didn't know what to do and when we got there she admitted she was only inviting close friends because last year she'd had a big mess to clean up and I didn't even know what to say. Anyways, enough about me.
This is actually really good. I love your plot, and your writing is good. Keep it up!
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