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5/30/2020 c45 1DanelerH
This has been a really good story and I would love to see it continued. If you do choose to, I would recommend editing the changes you want for two reasons. For the reader, it would feel smoother than an author note saying "this, this, and this didn't actually happen." It would help with the immersion. For you, it would help with the lack of satisfaction you currently have with those points. The story would something you could be more happy with looking back on it. That being said, if you wanted to continue the story and get to the edits later, an author's note in the meantime could also work.
11/29/2019 c3 2Realmsmith
Dirty pool!
8/26/2019 c45 Guest
Please continue this if you enjoy it. :)
I think editing will only prevent you from writing what you like too after all.
7/19/2019 c45 2Pious Mage
I'll actually reply to your most recent Authors note even if I'm the only one. I say go back and edit it if ya want. I know I'm still pretty upset about the lack of continuation in this story as it was one of the better Robcina/Awakening novelizations out there and I'll ne sad to see it never continued.

Still best of luck.
2/17/2019 c45 2A Rose By Any Other Name279
It's a shame that this hasn't been continued. I love Robcina and had this story recommended to me recently, and I really like what I've seen so far. I hope it will be continued, regardless of how. .
1/3/2019 c42 1Ombraura
"As for the ending... War isn't all sunshine and rainbows, is it?"

Yeah in reality. In fiction, especially with Fire Emblem, we don't need reality just plot devices, character development and a universe in which characters evolves. Basically all that stuff we need to tell a story and not to read newspapers or sth like that.

Now it doesn't mean death in fiction is a bad thing but in the case of fanfiction (like this one) it sucks because... call it being delusional, fanboy or whatever you want but the way she's presumably dead was random as F**** ! Seriously it felt like it was made just for the heck of it or to catch the reader's attention which is unnecessary.

The story has enough depressive things and intense discussion or even debate to be serious and sad at moments. Not to mention the death of the enemy or "random soldiers" are already there to show that "war isn't all sunshine and rainbows". Even just showing the near death experience of the main character (like with gaius and donnel) are quite enough.

Lastly there's ONE F****** important detail. Your fanfiction is supposed to be a novelization (even if I'm not sure anymore). When video games are adapted to novels, movies etc and vice versa of course it can't be the same BUT the main theme or message doesn't change. In Fire Emblem Awakening we see characters that wants to prove that future is not written.

So this random death you just wrote not only tell no story at all (and we're talking about Lissa's death) but ruin the original story and most of all its message. Because basically all the sacrifices made by the future children were all for nothing. I'm exaggerating but they not only sought to create a "better world" but one where their younger selves can grow up with their parent's love etc etc...

Now maybe you're just playing with us and she's not actually dead. I hope that is the case because it will be kind of disappointing...
1/3/2019 c41 Ombraura
I'd hoped that... Morgan is how she is because you made her remember the mother instead of the father but it seems it's not the case.

Morgan is NOT I'd hoped that... Morgan is how she is because you made her remember the mother instead of the father but it seems it's not the case.

Morgan is energetic, pride and a prodigy ? Sure but she's DEFINITELY NOT trying to impress anybody except her father (mother in that case) and I won't accept her being scolded because she's not grateful about the life she had.

Her/his supports in the games shows that she don't really care about how people look at her. To be more specific she cares but she won't show it and be understanding. She'll even try to resolve problems with his seemingly positive attitude (#MorganBradySupport).

So even without memories yes sometimes she feels awful that she forgot people who should be important (namely Robin's wife/husband and his/her sister/brother) but that's it. She should actually be far more mature or at least understand things fast and once again she shouldn't want to prove herself to people other than her parents. I honestly facepalmed when I saw that... Morgan actually reacted to Severa's taunts. SEVERA of all people. Someone known to be horrible to people on purpose.

About that I THINK it's MAYBE time for someone to learn her some humility lessons. Just saying.
1/2/2019 c29 Ombraura
I THINK you're having too much liberties with the original story whatever you plan to do.

You interpreting how future children join the Sheperds is ok (even recommanded). You interpreting how weapons, especially tomes, works and how to describe battles is ok. You creating OC and new arcs are... ok I guess (so far it was well done even if this new arc makes me worry).

BUT it's supposed to be a novelization of the game or sth so leave the characters alone PRETTY PLEASE ! So far I'm ok with Lucina but changing DRASTICALLY her personnality for no reasons (Imo saying Lucina has no personnality... well first it is a retarded thing to say but most of all not a good reason) still bothers me... and now you're messing around with this poor Linfan as well o_o ?

Mess around with secondary character and bosses having not a lot of screen time but leave the main characters and antagonists alone because otherwise it won't be a good novelization or even fanfiction.

Yes because I just want to say sth else. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting things but sometimess while reading some of your authors' comments I can't help but to feel like you think you're better than Awakening's authors (story wise). Infortunately many people are like this in the fanfiction community and IF you're part of them please... PRETTY PLEASE stop.

It is just a fanfiction. We're supposed (that's what I think though) just to have fun with fanfictions. Like making wierd yaoi, yuri stories, make a school-fic out of a medieval universe, turning a male character into a female and vice versa youu know things like that. And when it comes to novelization of game for example or "what if" fanfictions ok but let's be modest and not arrogant and disrespectful of the author :).

That's all I wanted to say ! Other than that I'll be honest and say your fic is quite good so far. Bye-bye !
11/30/2018 c3 Minimum Walk
I’ve been a fan of this fic for well over a year, since before the hiatus, and this chapter has always stood out to me starkly in my mind as incredible. I loved the sword fight that characterized Robin and Lucina super well, not only for the readers but also for the characters themselves; they learned about the other as well as about themselves. I know it’s been a while, but this chapter deserves some love.
7/30/2018 c45 JCDash323
I really hope that you revive this story. I love this story to death, and I was really down when I found out that it was incomplete. I feel like you should go back and edit the things that you feel should be edited. That way the entire story holds up to your expectations. I am a bit sad that it's been almost a year since this update, but seeing as this story has been dormant for years, I'm willing to wait. I hope you come to a decision. Whatever choice you make, I wish you the best. My only request is to at least notify the audience of your decision, so that we aren't potentially waiting for a chapter that may never come. Thank you so much for this story.
5/11/2018 c7 JCDash323
I know this is pretty late, but aside from the pincer attack strategy? Storming a beach with little to no cover, with the enemy hiding behind heavy fortifications? Getting a lot of Normandy vibes here.
2/19/2018 c37 Therysinx
Fic is okay, it's frustrating to be 36 chapters in with barely any romantic progress, and also an update that was 3 months ago. I feel like I've had enough action from playing fire emblem itself, but to each their own.
1/23/2018 c45 Minimum Walk
WHAT? How did I not see this until now?! But don't worry, I haven't gotten my hopes up completely. For my two-cents, I don't care whether you edit or just tell changes in an AN, as long as the story continues. It's amazing to see a possible comeback, as I dare say that this fanfiction may be the best I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Just take your time, don't push yourself to do something that you don't want to, and DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. Thank you for all the good times, as well as for all of the good times that may yet come.
1/4/2018 c1 Guest
Yes! I’m glad you’re considering to continue. One of the best works I’ve ever read on this site. I just couldn’t bring myself to read any other fanfics after this one. Whatever your choice is, thank you for your incredible work!
12/15/2017 c45 altruistiq
I would say do whatever's easiest for you! Maybe the AN since it would require less work? While I would love to see another chapter, I definitely understand if you simply aren't interested in writing more.
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