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for My Immortal Commentary

9/28 c1 Guest
Yeah see snowing and raining at the same time DOES actually happen. It's called sleet, at least in the USA. Google it.
4/17 c1 hagatr
Well I'd like to read more! I want to know other people's reactions to the Worst Harry Potter Fic of All-Time so, please, feel free to keep writing!
8/28/2017 c1 Holy shit
Oh boy
7/15/2016 c1 Marie
It's already sad that you have nothing else to do with your life... but you're not even writing something new. Every freaking person who mocks this fanfiction write the exact same comments... how original. Reported.
5/22/2016 c1 Harry P. Trash
This fan fic has ruined my life
Had to read Harry Potter again to recover.
Thank God Vampire, B'loody Mary, and Diabolo don't really exist in the books/movies
5/3/2016 c1 2sheofthebookandsong
These commentaries just have to be done to keep our brain cells from dying more than they already are - have you listened to the dramatic readings on Youtube? Very much worth it! :)
7/6/2015 c1 Aggghhh
Why did she have to ruin Harry potter!?
3/10/2015 c1 catspats31
The writing quality is fine, but the following parts of the Content Guidelines is broken:

Entries not allowed:
3. MST: comments inserted in between the flow of a copied story.

Please move this story to another site that allows it like deviantART or Archive Of Our Own because this story type isn't allowed here.
1/16/2015 c1 Me
Your comments help me survive this insanity called My immortal.
1/3/2015 c1 1bezoarbella
There's a crude saying that applies here. You can't polish a turd.

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