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for Soulless Marriage

3h c81 Guest
Some things never change
10h c81 Poledne
11h c81 2Lucyole
Great chapter, really good some drama because of Peter à rat is still a rat. Narcissa and Remus want to marry that is sweet. Let's hope no one but the bad guys die or get caught before something happens. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
15h c81 3SixOneSixZERO
That whole thing with peter is just utterly foolish of the boys... and their still acting like their in Hogwarts and can do no wrong... they need to learn that they are now adults and people have changed with facing the world away from a contained life of school and rules...
23h c80 2Lucyole
Great chapter the time fixed itself somewhat with them meani g to be there and together love it. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
11/27 c80 Sunset74
Always love a new chapter as I have been reading this for years! I didn’t quite follow the events from midnight on though?! Maybe we will get more clarity in the next chapter?
11/27 c14 Cmdr.DorkyBadass
Going back time and Hermione studying to be a physician gives me the Outlanders Nostalgia and now she reminds me of Claire Fraser.
11/27 c7 Cmdr.DorkyBadass
OMG they really are an old married couple without the sex. hahahaha love it
11/27 c80 Poledne
Thank you for the new chapter, I am little confused, but it is nice.
11/26 c80 TammySMS
Wow! What a amazing chapter! ️ Love how the time lines are now correct, or are they? )
11/26 c80 3SixOneSixZERO
So... will we find out more of Hermione's time on the luck potions... and why she did what she did?...
11/22 c79 RhodaBush
More soon please
11/22 c79 139Smithback
11/22 c79 3SixOneSixZERO
Really lovely scene... But it just stuck out to me of dumbledore in a purple suit and green vest... Just had an image of the joker...
11/22 c79 2Lucyole
Very sweet chapter, I like it will Severus and Hermione have this time à child of their own that will grow up with Harry I hope Narcissa and Remus will stay together they are sweet really and good for each other in my opinion. More please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
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