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for Soulless Marriage

5/6 c47 Guest
I’m stopping this fic here because I believe that it’s been dragging for the past few chapters. But the funny thing is that while it’s dragging, it’s also skipping forward a lot. I admit that I haven’t properly read any of the last few chapters just because it’s mostly smut and barely any plot. I feel like it’s reached it’s climax and now it’s just clinging onto nothing. Thanks for the good story so far though, I did enjoy the first half.
4/18 c48 Stille und regen
things become very interesting
4/18 c46 Stille und regen
oh, it was wonderful the life experience of young tom

I confess that I laugh a lot at this rude Sev
4/15 c42 Stille und regen
I like this Severus crying. it shows how much he cares for his son

and, it must be difficult for them. considering the past and severus errors. as well as the persecution that Hermione lived

but I'm relieved that Tom has a chance to get it right again

all the crying and asking for forgiveness touched me deeply. very well written
4/15 c41 Stille und regen
I confess that I was terribly looking forward to when Tom saw hermione's scar

it was very emotional and strong. very well written and brilliant.
I like it. but I don't think I would be able to look at Tom for a while either

but the vote really does lessen my concerns a little bit
4/15 c40 Stille und regen
Oh no
4/15 c37 Stille und regen
i hate albus and travers

I'm so irritated with both that my head hurts lol
4/15 c33 Stille und regen
so many interesting points about inheritance

the sister and octavius pension was a bright spot too
4/15 c32 Stille und regen
Very interesting
4/15 c29 Stille und regen
I love your minerva
4/15 c27 Stille und regen
it's really fun to read Tom's friendship and minerva

and I really love reading Tom’s thoughts and reasoning.

I think you write so well about children's behavior.

Dippet is definitely an idiot.

poor Tom, we saw the trauma of the orphanage here. the fear of being returned. my heart hurts for this boy.

I'm so proud of Tom. I loved it
4/14 c91 25Rosajean
I've finally just finished this very long story and wanted to say that I enjoyed it very much. The only thing is that I was disappointed when the story completely skipped over Hermione's original timeline and history. There was so much about Eileen and Tobias in the story, and yet we didn't hear how the new timeline handled what would have been Hermione's birth and life with her parents. Did she ever go peek in on her parents? I find it hard to believe that she never would. Did they end up having another kid in place of Hermione? There were multiple times that I thought surely the story could have ended here but it just kept going, so at some point I assumed we would get a look at what the new "present day" looks like compared to the original timeline but it was skipped entirely, which is somewhat disappointing.
4/14 c20 Stille und regen
Oh Tom

One lovely boy
4/14 c19 Stille und regen

I saved the link to this story some time ago and was hoping to be able to log in to comment.

I believe that this is one of the most interesting stories that I have read

the personalities, the dialogues, the way relationships were built
as well as the description of young Tom, his reasoning and his feelings for his family

I also love how Hermione and Severus became good partners, even with their differences. just as they enjoy each other's company

I loved every moment

Its really really perfect
4/10 c91 29Lady Mage
I've been following this story on AO3, and just saw that it is completed here! Fun to finish this one up!
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