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3/2/2017 c1 Rayneee
so adorable :D At least everything work out fine for Natsu and Lucy in the end! Erza attacking Natsu to avenge Lucy's boots was hilarious! Loved it!
1/21/2015 c1 34lucyglitter11
Omggg thank you so much for writing this for me! I thought of the story as awesome as soon as I read the title and guess what! It IS amazing afterall! :-D
Yass cheers to you friend! *raises wine glass*

Well its actually true. Natsu Dragneel the destroyer of so many towns and the guy who kicked almost all the great villains...ASK HER OUT ALREADY! *sniff* Do you know that your descriptions make me cry of happiness? Its just so...brilliant!
I can so imagine Natsu being the big dope :-D

I really really like the idea of Natsu being Lucy's personal sun. And Lucy's smile being Natsu's sunshine. Its perfect! *heart*
Omg the cherry lip gloss reminds me of that fic you wrote where Natsu just couldn't stop being a 'dope. XD Hold it! *wears spectacles*takes out dictionary*flips through the pages* Error! The word chanel doesn't exist in my vocab what is this chanel? (sorry for being such an gawar me no english speak)

It would be really cool if Natsu did bring a dragon...nevermind.
Oh. No. He. Didn't! He made Lucy wait on the first date! this is an illegal offence! (Actually i'm not in a position to judge Natsu lol)
That's the thing about pretty snow: wait till it starts becoming cold. I'm felt so bad for my Lucy xDD I TOTALLY guessed that Natsu was gonna be late for some bleeh reason and I was right! (kind of)(thankfully not for crashing his car into a cheese truck (; and stealing a bike)

Oh you have no idea how much I liked this complimentary thing ;-D
When Natsu mentioned hiking I was literally screaming! Then when he acted insensitive about the dress I screamed even louder (in my head obviously)

Yayayay I love the amusement park! :-D This is definitely gonna be interesting...
The phantom house and the water slide? Boys will be boys huh...
Did they honestly get on the rollercoaster? X-DDD But omggg it was just so sweet that just because Lucy was happy Natsu got ready to endure his motion sickness! Cuteness overload!

Omg i felt so sorry for Natsu tho xD .GOD. HE DID NOT! (dying laughing) HE JUST PUKED ON HER BOOTS OMGGG
Okay wait let me process this. 1- Natsu arrived late, 2. Puked on her boots, 3. BURNED HER FREAKING JACKET. (laughing crazily behind the scenes) Now he's gone and done it xD

But honestly, I just absolutely LOVE the way they made up! Its simply perfect and how it should have been. I love love love their interactions in Kardia Cathedral its just so heart warming! Not the mention so subtle and going with the flow thing, its beautiful! *sniff* I wanna cry this is so good! Its so cute that he kissed the snowflake away AAAHHH SO AMAZING!

The most epic part of the story was the end. I literally died laughing I swear and my sister was giving me weird looks because I was supposed to be studying eco but instead I was laughing like crazy looking at the phone. It was the best way to end the story oh god!
I'm so full of praises for this story its so amazing! I love you for writing this keep rocking sweet cheeks!
*btw sorry for reviewing this late! I finally found free time today! ):*

thank you once again, and you too keep writing such wonderful masterpieces (just for me) haaha no just keep writing I love you! X-D
1/5/2015 c1 lgohi13
Even when everything seem horrible, things turned out okay for Lucy and Natsu! And then...at the end, ha, ha! That was so funny how you Erza ready to kill Natsu for ruining Lucy's boot. He was totally right about that too! Ha, I bet that was planned! v
1/4/2015 c1 9SnowyAxolotl
HA! Erza attacking Natsu after the date. That's great. XD
1/4/2015 c1 Twishadowhunter
That was so adorable !

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