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1/7/2015 c1 EvilIcingisLazy
There needs to be more HoLV fanfics around here, so I thank you for that! I like how simple this story is, and it was really cool to read Toy from a first-person POV. I love to see the protags with some personality, especially since we can all interpret them differently. I also really love Alice, so that was awesome (again, not many fics about her, sadly!). Her letter was very adorable-and totally Alice!

Also, I was really freaking out when Bob and Toy were fighting because I love Bob so much! At first I thought he was gonna get totally bashed in the story, but I love how it ended with Toy making him a cake and whatnot, hopefully patching up their relationship. Because, in HM, everything just kinda works out, right?

Overall, though, I really feel like you captured the essence of the HoLV world here, especially Alice's ending. Thanks for writing this, it's nice to see a light little look into the farmer's day just bein' a farmer and dealing with HM stuff. :D

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