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9/27/2016 c4 Nova Cryptid
I'm not asking you to continue. I understand your reasoning. But please, find someone competent to continue this story. You gave it such a good beginning and I want to keep reading it. But not when the new author is completely incompetent and ruins the wonderful language of how you wrote it.
9/10/2016 c4 Jessicamathews65
Pls update your stories later
9/9/2016 c4 Catkyn
Oh wow! I was happy to see the update, then sad to see that "dreaded" note...but mostly, I'm happy that you're managing things pretty well in spite of the ridiculous curveballs Life threw at you! As a fellow mom of a 4-month baby, they really do take a lot of time and attention, don't they? But they are also the sweetest, most adorable, and funny little beings ever to make up for all the lost sleep and cancelled plans. I hope Life and little Baby Harry are Awesome Things for you!
9/9/2016 c4 sakraprace
I am sorry for your bad luck, but congratulation for your baby and wonderfull family you have. I wish you all health and love.
9/9/2016 c4 8darknightstalker
So sorry about all the depressing circumstances, but congratulations on baby Harry. I hope he has a wonderful life with his wonderful mother.

I really enjoyed these stories so please consider keeping them online. I am a bit upset that you won't be continuing, but you are super busy and have more important things to occupy your life.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year with baby Harry. If you ever decide to keep writing, I will be here and extatic to see an update.

9/9/2016 c4 4sylversylvan
Good luck!
7/9/2016 c3 Guest
I like it hope you add more soon
8/13/2015 c3 47DeiStarr
This is fascinating! Very interesting and well-written. I can't wait for more!

You said it will be slash later - have you decided on a pairing? I adore Harry/Legolas, but I love Harry/Glorfindel as well.
8/11/2015 c3 Artur Hawkwing1
take your time. you have a good story here.
7/15/2015 c3 16Crazy PurpleSage
Wow. I like this new writing style you're trying with this one. Well done! Very well done!

I had wondered why I hadn't seen this story before, 'til I realised it wasn't finished. Then it was like, aww snap!

I know you're busy, and I know how long it takes, and I know it takes even longer for it to come out really good, so I will just say that I am looking forward to when you update next. I wish you the best of luck with this story, and hope your muse comes to visit soon and stays for as long as possible.
5/10/2015 c3 tamashiyuki
Be continued? Very gooooooooood!
5/8/2015 c3 KShara Khan
So far, this is very well done! I loved how magic would wander around middle earth learning whatever it could! Keep up the good work!
5/6/2015 c3 Tassa09
lovely chapter. An interesting way to have Harry learn of things without taking forever doing it :)
5/5/2015 c3 1davycrockett100
5/5/2015 c3 Psyka
Wow cool please update again soon
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