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5/2 c85 2Dragonrider's Fury
"Sobering" is an apt term here, I think. That did not go well. At all. Poor Toothless! I certainly hope he'll be okay. Hiccup had better snap out of his little pity-party soon; that attitude isn't going to help anyone. Glad Sharpshot's alright. But what of everyone else? Keep up the good work! :-D

-Dragonrider's Fury
4/5 c84 DrgnReader
Hi! I found yesterday this books and I couldn't stop reading! Thanks for writing. Looking forward to reading more :)
4/4 c84 Dragonrider's Fury
Uh-oh. I had been getting excited for the battle. Now I'm suddenly anxious. Why must you leave us on such a cliffhanger?! I mean, the uprising obviously wasn't just going to work (that would be boring), but... Argh! Not a great start to the war. At least, not for the... rebels? I guess? What DO you call them? I suppose "those who stand with the flock" works, but it's a little long-winded. Back on topic...
The hunters seem to have been better-prepared than expected, unfortunately. However this goes down, I can't wait to see what's next to come. Everyone's certainly in a sticky situation. I can't help but feel that Heather's going to be crucial in deciding how this war will go, even IF she doesn't contribute to this battle. As always, keep up the good work! :-D

-Dragonrider's Fury

P.S. I love Gerd's spunk. :-D
4/1 c84 1erikatyusharon
The battle commenced. Have a good internship and hope you get good employment. Wish best for you, and look forward how you done the story.
3/28 c83 erikatyusharon
Good ol Murphy law: if its stupid but work, it ain't stupid. Okay, let's see how Hiccup and Viggor plans. needless to say, lots of people will be pulled into civil war, and whoever victor comes the spoil.
3/24 c83 Frosted Ace
This is a brilliant story and o can’t wait to see the next chapter and what you could do. Everything that you done is brilliant and I love it. Please continue the good work.
3/14 c83 1Etherious.Nat5u.Dragneel
I love this story the best httyd fanfic I’ve read please update soon
3/13 c83 2MysteryWriter175
She can just choose neither if that makes her happy.

I think she should just choose what side she wants to be on. Not necessarily the winning side, though.

I can't just understand why Viggo is so obsessed with burning his face. The first time wasn't enough I think. Stubbornness is just a trait they normally possess.

One thing that intrigues me is how are they going to drive the Hunters away from the island. They have made it a permanent base for their operations that they may not leave peacefully.

Now, Heather's dilemma us just adding more spice to the already heated and volatile environment.
3/7 c83 2Dragonrider's Fury
That was amazingly written! You have Viggo's personality and mannerisms absolutely perfect! Although I'm pretty sure the Maces and Talons pieces are made of iron, so Viggo probably wouldn't be able to slice them in half with his sword. And even if he could, he has such an obsession with that game that I highly doubt he would willingly damage any part of it.

This situation is getting more and more precarious. Heather better sort out her conflict, and fast. Else no matter what goes down, she'll be taken down with it. Can't wait to see how she (and you) resolves this! Keep up the good work! :-D

-Dragonrider's Fury
3/5 c83 Lalitha
Am I the only one who is afraid that if I was sent in this universe with no memories and raised to believe dragons are bad I would refuse to listen and side with the hunters. Like am I smart enough to listen to the new ways because I don’t want to be like Ivar mom too stubborn to listen
2/23 c82 1erikatyusharon
Looks like a certain Changewing bold enough to get meals near a fisherman. Lucky for both of them, they aware of each other identity. Waiting for Heather perspective when the news gone to her. Especially snatching some able hands from under the nose of the hunter leader.
2/21 c82 Daphne
Que genial historia no pude dejar de leerla hasta llegar a este punto, esta super emocionante, espero que pronto la continúes el suspenso me esta acosando y quiero saber como le irá, aunque tengo una duda más adelante podrá rescatar a los dragones que están bajo el dominio de la reina.
2/19 c82 2MysteryWriter175
I have hope that they will be able to beat the hunters.
An interesting chapter, Gerd and her family are very nervous and paranoid about who to talk and trust. With time, a rebellion will rise.
2/8 c82 3Aurastar Warrior
can't wait for next chapter
2/7 c69 Aurastar Warrior
I really won't to use my power to erase hakon from existence past present and future
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