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for A Thousand Words

5/26 c55 Ruby3211
I just absolutely devoured this whole thing. Your development of Snape and Harry’s relationship is just so perfectly paced, I can’t wait to read more!
5/25 c55 Keeters
I just found this story and blew through it. It was an amazing story, I was even boohoo crying at 2 different parts. I hope u continue the story
5/15 c55 Guest
Thiscis not gonna be updated anymore is it? Just rip off the bandage

But seriously, even if nothing else comes, I got so much out of this story, it’s amazing. I think I’ll always gonna be imagining how the events could play out
5/16 c52 23MellarkandArt
I already commented on the last three chapters so here I am; Gosh, this is a fantastic fic. I love it so much and hope there will be another chapter soon, but I understand how life is XD hope you’re doing well!
5/16 c50 MellarkandArt
these few chapters are so beautiful I can’t breathe
5/15 c35 MellarkandArt
Re-reading this fic, and here we are at one of my favorite scenes in a severitus fanfic… I love Fawkes attempting to heal Harry’s heart, Harry saying he’s not hurt when in reality, he is…
5/14 c55 merlinisabamf
I loved this story so much wow
5/10 c55 2Seni Prodi
I am so glad that you still continue to update this story! Harry is finally starting to heal and trust and OH MY GOODNESS I fell in love with the work all over again. Snape being a Crotchety Dad is absolutely delightful to behold.

Despite the hilarity of the kiddos being worried about Snape when he isnt yelling at them, my favorite part of this latest chapter have to be:
"Perhaps one day, Potter, you'll come to realize that when i tell you to do something, it is not simply because i enjoy ordering you around. I... always have your best interests in mind.'
The boy looked like he was thinking hard about those words for a moment. And then he finally spoke in a soft whisper. 'I know you do, sir.'"
Harry is such a wonderful little breadroll that must be protected at all costs
5/10 c55 piquelmyuzk
My first reivew/comment here, lol. I've never read hurt/comfort before and thought it was a weird title for a category. But after wondering what if Snape wasn't totally a jerk I searched and found this story. Now I thought this was an interesting read till I got to this chapter and something Snape said really stuck out. When he mentioned Harry apologizing for the strangest thing it reminded me of something similar my friend said to me. Basically it made me realize why I liked the Harry Potter books and this fic in the first place. Parents and family can be rough. This fic really made me understand the characters and relate to how they got there which is an awesome thing. It made me feel seen. I really wish I found this a year ago. I hope those who need it do. Thank you so much Ailee17.
5/7 c55 Harya
Great story! I like the characters portrayal, it's realistic! Maybe i would like to see more bonding with Ron and Hermione but I'm not the author of course :))
Can't wait to see the next chapter!
4/26 c55 Namiliel
i love this story! are you going to continue it? please, tell me it's not abandoned! it's just to good to not have more!
4/22 c1 Asilrettor
Really can’t wait for a new chapter
4/22 c55 3moonandstar331
I have flown through your wonderful story! I do hope you will able to continue it! I love how you have written the relationship between Harry and Severus! It was a slow burn but well worth reading! Would love to see the end of this story!
4/13 c1 WillowMayStone
Hope you're going to continue.
4/10 c55 Guest
Hi! Just wondering when the next update will be? I love this book soo much! Will the Weasleys be adopting Harry? I really hope they do! 3
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