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for A Thousand Words

11/25 c56 Guest
I hold my breath and eagerly await for an update. This story has made me cry, made my heart sink and soar. I desperately want to know what happens next. I really do hope you continue on with it.
11/20 c49 1charmedgrl4ever
I've only just begun to read this story, but I've been at it voraciously for hours. I was going to wait until I was all caught up to review, but this chapter was so resonant that I felt compelled to write earlier. Beautiful chapter. I'm glad you didn't rush to this epiphany because it's so well executed here.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the story won't be over in seven chapters that are left, and I see you haven't posted in over a year. I do hope the story isn't abandoned and that you have plans to continue writing. But I realize that life can very much get the better of us. I'll follow the story in the hopes that one day I'll see its continuation.
11/16 c56 Guest
Hopping on this bandwagon 8 years after it started and mad that I can't binge until 2 am to catch up anymore but looking forward to seeing how this continues to develop! Thanks for writing!
11/14 c56 Guest
Thank you for writing such a lovely, well-balanced, well-characterized story! It's a really original take.

I hope all the things in your life have fallen into place and that good things have come to you since this chapter! If you ever decide to write more on this, we will await your words with bated breath!
11/14 c37 cat
lt's good!
11/9 c56 Ash Linton
I came across your story after reading my first Harry and Severus centered fanfiction. so far i absolutely loved it! it seemed more realistic how Severus learnt about the abuse and reacted accordingly. cannot wait for another chapters to know how they would carry on forward! I loved your writing style so much

Updated 8th November 2023read this fix the second time. hope you're doing well! still waiting for your updates!
10/17 c56 Bastet0
Your story is really great and I hope to see the next chapters one day!
Maybe more than one per yearThe relationship between Harry and Severus is so cute.
10/17 c13 alexiana75
oh, Harry. You poor, sweet, little lost lamb! I had tears, on that question!
9/23 c56 10draconic skysong
I just found this and hope to see a happy ending for our poor confused Harry. hopefully someone will help him sort out his head soon, he's only 12. and he blames himself for everything takes everything the wrong way, it's sad. Poor kid needs to realize that he's not a burdin, that people do want him for him, could love him.
9/11 c56 Guest
are you planning on continuing? i’ve gotten addicted, don’t leave me on a cliffhanger!
9/12 c56 csheila
Thanks for sharing a great story

I hope you are well and happy
9/12 c55 csheila
Great chapter
9/12 c54 csheila
Longer chapters always nicer but work to schedule you can survive
9/12 c51 csheila

But Draco is a total prick. Glad Harryoh fn to be had
9/11 c49 csheila
Well done

But now i fear how bad it might be
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