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for A Thousand Words

7/9 c54 Guest
Thank you. Truly the very best fanfic I've ever read. I love each every single word of it. And a thousands words would never be enough to describe all the gratitude I feel for such a jewel.
I say it again. Thank you.
7/8 c49 Jemma Blackwell
I have been reading your story all in one go. It only took you 49 chapters of torture to get to the point. I honestly closed the previous chapter in disgust at 2 am last night because I couldn't stand it any longer, to read so long with no change. I can't even say it is a relief with this chapter when you consider the state Harry is in. To say it is all a bit overdone is an understatement
7/1 c54 Guest
Your story is so insanely good, I'm just blown away! The way it all evolved just seemed so natural, I loved the idea with the Hedwig incident, Harry slowly realizing that there are situations were he does need help from, and that there are adults willing to help. I think that’s something that was never properly shown to him in the books and it's nice to have this little fantasy world where things turned out different. I always thought there was no say Harry would trust Snape if he just became nicer after finding out about the Dursleys, and it was heartwarming to see how Snape slowly came to see that Harry isn’t James and that he actually enjoys his company.
You put in all these little details and small moments that show how much Snape has helped Harry grow, and realize that his home life wasn’t normal (I remember that one scene where Petunia made him pick up glass shards bare handed and he remembered Snape stopping him from doing something like that), and it's so adorable how Harry now becomes reassured by Snape's pure presence.
And I just love your portrayal of Snape, he‘s gradually become kinder and warmer but still stays in character, and while you can see how hard this is for him and how unprepated he is, he's pushing his own emotions aside to be there for Harry. I'm a little torn though, because the Weasleys are also really good with Harry. Right now I feel like he kinda needs some „fawning over him“, as Snape would say, and while I think that at this point Snape cares about him deeply, he also, because you've kept him so much in character, isn’t the greatest at expressing emotions. He gives Harry a lot that he craves (I loved how Harry now has an „internal Snape“ encouraging him to ask for things he needs, stopping him from calling himself a freak), but Harry needs mire than pragmstism. I think my favorite scene was Snape sharing his story with Lily, opening up to get Harry to do the same.
Another thing, I really like your implementation of the canon story elements in the fanfic. This is like the perfect „what if“, you have one thing going differently with Harry finding the picture, and it sets events in motion the way I think they might have happened if Harry and Snape could've looked past their first impressions of one another. I'm really curious to see what will happen with diary, that was one heck of a cliffhanger!
Another thing I enjoyed was how much life you gave even side characters, like McGonagall or Colin, and oddly enough even Petunia. I don’t know why but that scene where she couldn’t even look at Harry was painful.
Ok, that’s it with the essay, the rest of the writing I better leave to you, huh? You're better at it. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful story with us and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next update, whenever that may be!
7/1 c1 Michellecole
I know you said thirteen chapters or so left. Is there anyway there could be part two where Harry has a family now getting into mischief and had to deal with a father now ?
6/30 c54 sleepingisbliss13
This story is SO good! I am so glad I found it. I love the relationships and how the characters are close to how they actually are in the books. I really hope you continue this story and update frequently. I also hope that you finish it too. It is to good to leave unfinished! Favorited and followed. Keep up the good work!
6/29 c54 3biiiibutterfly
omg i just binge read this over two days and i am now broken. this is a very beautiful story and i cannot wait until the next chapter, thanks for writing this masterpiece 3
6/23 c54 Vannah
Awww this chapter was very sweet! (aside from ya know Harry’s negative thoughts about himself and the ominous ending) I loved seeing him relax and enjoy himself. He deserves all the parental affection! And all the hugs! And I like how much of an impact Severus has clearly had on him. That little voice in his head telling him he’s being silly to overthink things too much and not call himself names. *chefs kiss* I can’t wait to see how the rest of his weekend will go and what his reaction will be to the diary!
6/20 c33 Dirtyreeds
So far this has got to be one of my most favorite harry potter fanfics with Severus in it! The way Harry and him interact are amazing!
6/18 c54 10midnightquaffles
I found this story recently and have binge reading over the past couple days. I absolutely ADORE it. The scene where Snape tends to Harry's injuries so gently and the callback to Harry seeing him treat Malfoy that kindly at the start of the story was so beautiful and touching. I literally cried because you did such a phenomenal job conveying how broken and scared Harry was, how ashamed he was for anyone to see him like that and how Snape was treating him with a gentleness he thought he'd never receive. And the way Snape mentions off-hand that he would rather take Harry in than see him go to an orphanage and treats it as something Harry should shudder to think about instead of a serious solution is just PERFECTION. So many wonderful moments in this story and I look forward to many more! Please update when you can 3
6/13 c54 3fantasystar78
Cliffhanger! I can’t wait to see how this ends up.
6/13 c54 Guest
Absolutely amazing! I’ve just found this story and binged it all in a day! I’ve read a LOT of Harry Potter fanfics and I have to say this is down as one of my favourites ever. I really hope you continue this story soon, I can’t wait to read more!
6/12 c54 fraewyn
Love it!
6/9 c54 13Snow Empress
This is brilliant! I love the way you've taken CoS and just tweaked it, how one tiny change like Harry finding the picture changes so much. I can't wait to read the next chapter :-)
6/3 c54 KL
Another great chapter, but oh, the cliffhanger! It has been building up ever since Harry found the diary. Whatever your chosen length of the chapters, please, please, please help us move from this scary scene of Harry being sucked into TR’s diary. My only hope is that he has Severus’ powerful coin (thanks for reminding us again that he has it! ) and, I hope, by now the trust and wisdom to use it before Riddle discovers and takes it. I doubt that TR will release him willingly without serious damage of some form, thus my best hope is that Harry will use the coin and Snape will rescue him. It will also confirm that the only one able to provide a safe place for Harry is Snape.
Should Harry somehow get free without Snape’s help, I am convinced that Harry will not mention the diary. He did not mention his detour and finding the diary before.
I do hope Harry will use the coin before the Weasleys have to report him missing.
Please, please, make an exception and let us read the next chapter, long or short, in just a month or so, not four or five. Just as you have arranged so beautifully for Harry to trust several people, you let him fall into the hands of his mortal enemy. Please help!
6/1 c54 kemartin91
I can't wait for more, and I love the longer chapters!
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