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for A Thousand Words

2/12 c1 Guest
I remember this story . I hope you are doing well and have given. Some thoughts on the next sets chapters .
Just wishing .
2/12 c53 Guest
adored this chapter! your writing rly is stunning. i am interested to see how things turn out w the weasleys too !
2/9 c53 17MellarkandArt
I’ve really enjoyed reading this story, great work!
2/9 c53 Slytherin'sAngelOfMusic

i am soooo in love with snape and harry's relationship. like, it's stunning. i wonder if snape's gonna warm up even more to him soon? ie realizing harry's starting to really look at him as a parental figure? i am sp excited for it!

i think that harry's going to be alright with the weasley's, but would much prefer staying with snape. he knows the guy so of course he'd be more comfortable with him. plus, harry probs would prefer snape because of how much he'd subconciously bonded with him

you write so well by the way! i honestly cant wait for an update
2/8 c53 1JennaSweat
Kriff, this is sO GoOd! I'm on my second read of it because it had been a while since the last update, and it is even BeTtEr than I remember. I really, really want Snape to take him in, especially now that Harry was so hopeful... But ultimately, it's your choice, and I will be happy to read it no matter what you choose. Have a good day!
2/6 c53 Alara
loved this waiting 4EVER...post soon...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2/5 c53 Guest
I love this story! I hope it won’t work out with the Weasley's though, at this point Harry is already attached to Snape and Snape seems to think it’s important to put Harry's feelings under consideration too, so he wouldn’t place him somewhere Harry doesn’t feel comfortable. They've both come a long way! I kinda like that Harry willingly told/showed Snape what happened instead of him accidentally discovering it. Their relationship is built on trust instead of fortunate circumstances. But I do think Snape should apologize too, like Dumbledore. Not necessarily for not realizing sooner but for judging Harry for his father’s actions, even in the beginning of this second year when they started to connect he treated him unfairly and kept him away from classes and stuff
2/3 c53 Manasvi Shroff
loved the chapters.. awaiting next update.. hope u gt soon to updating thia story
2/3 c53 shatteredangel04
Ahh I love this plot so much! I’ve read it all in the last two days and I can’t wait for the next instalment. Great writing, too! You capture each character’s voice perfectly :)
2/2 c53 4Ltheslytherin
My theory:
The problem with the arrangement is that Harry will probably feel like he’s burdening the Weasleys even if he enjoys the time with the parents. They already have many kids and Harry can’t imagine burdening them even more. Plus, Ron might actually feel jealous of Harry over time. Even without considering the other children, Harry might not know how to deal with so much affection and love which he will feel is undeserved and will be unable to understand. And when he finally accepts that it’s there, he’ll probably think they only like him because they don’t really know him. This could result in him trying very hard not to make them hate him and never being able to relax or be honest. It’s hard not to question affection when it’s so new. That’s why Snape, who already knows Harry and isn’t too nice to him, might be easier to live with for him.
2/1 c53 Guest
1/31 c52 Guest
Just love your story and can’t wait for more . Thanks again for your creative mind and for keeping HP alive for us !
1/26 c53 mvkgreen
It's wonderful! I can't wait for more!
1/23 c53 mistyleo19
I'm enjoying this story very much. I hope you update soon!
1/21 c53 10usuihentai727
OMG! SO BEAUTIFUL! Gosh, Harry was really happy when Snape said that he would take him in. I'm sure that Harry won't hate being with the Weasleys, but I think that maybe it won't be as comfortable? idk. I think that he would love to live with Snape. Maybe Molly's coddling, though well intended, might be a bit much for Harry. I think he might prefer a balance between sweet and strict. Maybe Snape will be the better option. I think he will like it at the Weasleys, but prefer to be with Snape. anyway, I WAS REALLY EXCITED WHEN I SAW THAT YOU UPDATES! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!
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