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for A Thousand Words

1/8 c53 AquaIxora
Wow, this was such a beautiful chapter. It made me cry, and I rarely cry when reading stuff. I love your witting so much, it always brightens up my day to read it and gives me something to look forward to. Thank you so much for this update! I especially loved the bit at the end, where it's so clear that Harry has been impacted by everything at the Dursleys and still feels ashamed and unsure if people will like him. The way you portrayed that felt so authentic and full of emotion. Thank for updating, i hope you're doing well with everything going on in the world!
1/8 c53 Isabella
Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I really like this book! If your own book comes out someday I'll be sure to read it :)
1/7 c53 37XX-Samantha-XX
Im so glad you didnt break my heart and allow snape to push him away. Thank you for this story its great and i cannot wait to see the weekend with the weasleys x
1/7 c34 XX-Samantha-XX
Please please please dont break harrys trust snape, please its all he has left and if you break it im going to hunt you down and kill you. Such a great story that i will continue reading but please snape see what you need to see and help him please
1/6 c53 smitha.raj.125
Thank you
1/6 c53 Guest
I like this fic
1/6 c52 5Dumbledore-The-Phoenix
I loved this. I have a habit or reading a lot of WIP Snape-mentors-Harry fics at once and forgetting what’s going on in each of them, but I’m glad to see updates from you. I am eager to see what happens with the idea to place Harry with the Weasleys, as I suspect that will fall through for some reason or another—but I think it’s much more realistic to start there than to put him with Snape right away, which is what we usually see in this situation.

Also, this is not really a comment about your work, but I imagine you can relate, since you mentioned dumbledore’s delicate silver instruments—I think it would be hilarious to find out that the purpose of those instruments was to explode when someone in his presence was angry. That just occurred to me while I was reading, and I wanted to tell someone, lol.
1/5 c53 Guest
What a lovely chapter! But my money is Harry is going to end up with Snape eventually... can’t wait till the next one! :) happy new year!
1/5 c53 Guest
Snape shouldn’t underestimate how important appearances are to the Dursleys, having muggle authorities investigate them is a huge punishment, just think of how the neighbours will gossip lol Besides, Dudley might get some help. As Dumbledore said in the books, they inflicted a whole different kind of abuse on their biological son.
Btw, I loved Harry's reaction to Snape using his first name, it confuses him but also makes him hopeful for the future. Everything about your character development just feels gradual and natural. Oh Severus, I get a feeling it’s you that Harry wants "fawning" over him, not the Weasleys
1/5 c53 Guest
I can’t wait to find out what happens . Pleeese let Snape get him back . Harry needs lots of attention not one of the crowd .
1/4 c53 littleone4524
severus in this story makes me wanna cry i love the way u write him its so realistic but still fits into the story line and i just love it!
1/4 c53 Maddie86
Oh poor Harry! I hope they get his living arrangements settled quickly 3
1/3 c1 1flightlessbird23
More thoughts and then I’ll be done for a while!

I hope Snape addresses the fact that Harry didn’t use the coin and call for help.
I hope Snape makes more connections to past events/behaviors and links them to what he knows now (ex. When Harry almost told him the truth that day right before Christmas holidays but instead just wished Snape a happy Christmas).
I hope Snape recognizes Harry’s emotional wounds go far deeper than his physical ones. (I think he’s shown that already, but I’d like to see more)
I hope Snape looks back on his initial perception of Harry and sees how wrong he was.

I hope the most to watch the mentor/mentee relationship solidify into a father/son relationship over the next chapters...

But I know whatever you decide to do will happen so naturally and perfectly, I’m just going to keep melting.

Thank you once again for sharing your talents with humanity!
1/3 c53 Guest
I hope Snape gets him !
1/2 c53 flightlessbird23
After the most recent update, I’ve been thinking about this story morning, noon, and night. I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to experience it again from beginning to end. I can’t believe it’s the middle of the night! I’ve done nothing else besides stop to eat once. I am impressed anew by the length and sustained quality through the whole story. Your writing is top notch, and the story and characterization are so close to canon, I’m blown away by the gentle curve it takes in a new direction—a direction I think we all wish it took in the first place. So thank you again for this blessing of a story! I sent it to my Kindle so I can read it whenever and wherever I am (I would buy a print version if I could), and I’m anxiously awaiting Chapter 54!
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