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3/25 c53 4Estel Ashlee Snape
Good couple of chapters. Keep up the good work!
3/24 c53 Monkeemary
I’m loving this story, It’s a real page scroller. Snape’s not too nice, too fast, and Harry isn’t acting like a seven year-old instead of a twelve year-old, as so often happens in these types of stories. It’s refreshingly free of misspellings and grammatical errors! I look forward to the next chapter! I was disappointed when I went to your main page and found this to be your only story. I was hoping to find a dozen more, so if you could squeeze that in between law school, bar exams, and being a lawyer, that’d be great - haha!
3/22 c53 1Arizeri
This story has had very good character progression with the way Snape and Harry built their relationship. Ive never seen Severus warm up to Harry like this, and Harry coming to like Snape, him wanting to come help Snape with potions was a good idea.

It was exasperating and sad everyone had to go through all of this to get the truth out of Harry and you gave us a few red herrings (like the danger coin) glad they can move on now. Will you continue the CoS plotline? I wonder if Harry will start writing in Riddles diary instead, that would be good.
3/21 c35 Arizeri
I was so wrapped up in the Harry Snape story the Chamber of Secrets story line surprised me. Interesting development. I like how this is going slow. And your Harry is the most amusing Harry Ive ever read.
3/21 c18 Arizeri
Bahaha Harry just copying Snape for his detention essay, Im still laughing. I love how he is still is trouble self while trying to be good and polite to Snape. This is going so well, the characters are great. The only thing is I think the story with the photograph would have progressed believably without the deviation from canon of having Vernon physically beat Harry, not that thats not far fetched.
3/18 c1 Guest
Don’t forget us out here. Love this fam
3/17 c49 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
FINALLY! Ooh I hope the Dursleys pay.
3/17 c48 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Snape, Hermione, or Draco are my guesses.
3/17 c46 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I wonder if this will have a part 2 addressing what happens when someone find out.
3/17 c45 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Oh no is Harry going to have to use the coin after being beaten half to death?
3/17 c42 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I really hope the Polyjuice Potion does fail because please Harry just. Stop and think about everything before acting, just once. It's also kind of bad on Ron and Hermione as they can tell he isn't really comfortable with the plan. On another note, I hope that because Harry just found out about the school closing for the holidays Snape finds out about the Dursleys.
3/17 c39 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Is a broken arm going to be his ultimate undoing?
3/16 c35 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Oh no, Snape's going to find out about the Dursleys during occlumency training isn't he?
3/16 c31 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Oh no that ending seems foreboding.
3/16 c26 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Please for the love of Pete don't let Harry somehow end up on a broom.
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