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for A Thousand Words

5/17 c13 16Coolfire30
I’m sobbing. That is all I have to say.
5/17 c6 Coolfire30
He knows he knows he knows he knows I AM CERTAIN THAT SNAPE! THROUGH LEGILIMENCY! Knows about Harry’s situation...
5/16 c54 1The Inebriated Lion-Minion
This is a great story! I really love how you explored Harry and Snape getting on better before discovering the abuse, and the characterisations are wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)
5/15 c54 Emberpheonixx
AHHH i loved this longer chapter this was amazing. God all of Harry's reactions to the Weasleys are just perfect. It totally makes sense how he's still rather insecure and having a hard time separating who the Weasleys are with how things were at the Dursleys. It's so touching how things are gradually evolving between Snape and Harry. everytime I see that you've posted a new chapter im so happy because then i can take some time to reread old chapters in fall in love with this beautiful story again 3 thanks for the wonderful story!
5/15 c54 Rainandquiet
I always prefer longer chapters, but mostly I'm just happy to have writing to read. I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see how things go from here.
5/14 c54 Armandis
Thanks for the update! Personally, I prefer longer chapters but my two cents would be to do what works for you and the pacing of the story.
5/14 c54 1kittyranma
I hope he takes the diary to . I also hope Harry ends up with Severus.
5/13 c54 Nastasy Kuz
I'm glad this story continues I love long chapters! I think the Weasleys have enough children of their own ... I'm waiting for Severus and Harry to understand how much they need each other. I hope it won't take them long to admit it) I really like how they involuntarily interact together! I look forward to continuing!
5/11 c54 5fanclaire
Thank you for this chapter.
The Weasleys are adorable, but they already have a lot to do with their own children.
I love what the thought of Snape does in Harry's little heart, it's so hot!
All of Harry's parental thoughts are with Snape, that's clear. I hope their interactions and affections will flourish soon.
Harry can still claim a farming career, he has one with chickens!lol
Harry, beware of the Journal!
Thank you! Can't wait to see the next chapter!
5/11 c54 Guest
I love longer chapters ! Thank you for writing this and can’t wait for more. I hope Snape keeps him !
5/11 c53 Guest
You updated ahhh sticking with you always !
It’s my life thank you
5/11 c18 IsupportFanfic
Ooooh, phew!
I can just feel Harry's anxiety. As a result, the relief for him when he saw Snape, is completely believable.
Well crafted.
5/11 c15 IsupportFanfic
OK. I did not expect that!
Nice to include Hedwig more in the story!
I do hope she is saved.

This was a unique way (storyline) to have Harry and Snape interact. And one that I don't think I have seen before and goodness knows I have read thousands of Harry Snape fanfiction stories.
5/11 c11 IsupportFanfic
Dun dun dun!
Whatever is happening?!
Oh the story twists are begining to show themselves.

And still you managed to keep Snape in character. Well done.
5/11 c54 8Sw-0608
Oh dear, Harry and the Riddle diary. Not good, not good at all. You know, it's been so long since I came back to this story I'm going to have to go back and re-read it all. From what I recall, this was one of my favorite stories. I loved this chapter, and I always prefer long chapters myself. When I write and post fanfiction here, typically my chapters run 7,000-10,000 words. But I don't mind smaller chapters either. It's the update that counts, no matter how long it is. Great job here!
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