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for A Thousand Words

9/28/2020 c52 Guest
The last scene really warmed my heart. It reminded me of when I was little, whenever I was anxious and couldn’t sleep my mum would carry me in the living room and I'd just lie on the couch and watch her work on her computer or read something (she did most of her work at night so she could be there for us during the day). I found watching her be so concentrated mesmerizing, it instantly calmed me and I'd fall asleep.
Sorry, the point of this uninteresting story is just to let you know how good you are at setting an atmosphere in your story. I'm always able to connect to the characters and understand what they’re feeling, it always seems very real and it’s just so touching. Thank you for sharing this with us.
9/27/2020 c52 Ck
This is amazing and I’m absolutely loving this story. I came down with COVID this week, and your words have helped keep me company. Thank you.
9/27/2020 c52 Guest
„He would need to make sure that his new ‚family‘ was properly vetted“ Awww Severus might not realize it himself, but he's already without prompting taken responsibility for Harry. I get the feeling that he'll have something to complain about with every family that Dumbledore will suggest.
And speaking of Dumbledore, wow. I've always been impressed with your characterizations being spot on - with Harry and Snape of course, McGonagall, Petunia, but Dumbledore has to top it all in just one chapter. The way Snape felt about him was just exactly the way I felt about him in the books. Every character has depth with you, noone is a flawless super human but you don’t bash any of them either.
Even Severus who has grown so much seems to be struggling hard with this situation... no wonder, he's just started to connect to others again, it’s hard enough taking care of a happy child, handling an abused child just seems impossible. He'll calm down and focus more on Harry than his anger. Though I suspect he’s projecting a bit, he could’ve picked it up earlier just as easily as Madam Pomphrey could have.
Anyways, brilliant chapter, the last scene was so sweet! They really need each other. Looking forward to new chapters, though I'm saddened that this story is coming to a close soon. Well, all good things have to end sometime
9/28/2020 c52 rowenasheir
Surely this should set a president whereby ALL the students should be checked using this spell in first year to set a baseline for their medical file and check for abuse. Then, a less invasive check up each year after the summer holidays unless abuse is suspected or proven, then the invasive spell used again.
9/27/2020 c52 2fanster
I love how realistic you made Dumbledore's reaction. Too many make him uncharacteristically cruel. He's fallible and is short-sighted in certain areas. He is sometimes too naive in his belief in people's goodness, and often focuses so much on the big picture that he misses the smaller things. But he's not evil, in my opinion. I'm very grateful you aren't unnecessarily bashing characters and include room for nuance. It's not always easy to find in fanfiction. Bravo.
9/27/2020 c52 Salinia
Amazing story!
Can't wait to read more!
9/27/2020 c52 KL
Another beautifully crafted chapter! Thank you very much! You really are a great story story teller with wonderful imagination and a feel for making it come alive. Poor Dumbledore and yet, I fully share Snape’s frustration and annoyance with him. Snape now obviously cares for Harry, the abused boy. Dumbledore is primarily concerned with the survival of the Boy who Lived, the Savior of Prophesy. Thank you for showing it, not just saying it!

And I can see that Severus was being very difficult - very caring, but certainly not about to admit it, certainly not to Harry. Holding onto his temper around Harry, but it finally gave him away to Dumbledore, who was smart enough not to point it out.

Please, please try for another chapter soon, at least for the holidays, please. Now that you have a more complete outline, I hope it will both facilitate the work and inspire YOU to find more time. You too must be quite caught up in the story or you could not make it so powerful for us. Thanksgiving? I really want to hear about Harry and Snape, but I will understand, if you choose to follow Dumbledore first. I am delighted to hear there will be thirteen more chapters to read, I just hope COVID does not get here first. Please help! THANK YOU!
9/26/2020 c52 5fanclaire
It was fantastic! thank you!

Harry trusts Snape, he obeys the man, just his tone of voice makes him obey he already sees him as an authority, a mentor. When will Snape decide to keep the boy? He will be a wonderful father ! the best! he will teach him unconditional love, trust, obedience, respect, without abuse, he can punish him severely if necessary but with love and forgiveness.

Albus is right, Snape was too furious to make it to the Dursleys. Albus is going to be firm, I wonder what he's going to do?
9/26/2020 c52 F.maiden
This was amazing. I binged it all in an evening, and cant wait to read what you have in store.
9/26/2020 c52 moriah
What a great gift to get this update. Thank you!
9/26/2020 c52 1flightlessbird23
In between every chapter posting, this story is on my mind. When I received the notification for Chapter 51 in April, it was the first bright spot I’d had in weeks. And here you go again. This story! Never ever disappoints. Holy moly. I saw the notification when I woke up, but I saved it for the end of the day as a reward for myself. And what a reward it was. My stomach aches in a way that can be brought on only by such an intense story. I can’t wait for more. What a jewel!
9/26/2020 c52 FuzzyChiken
What a nice surprise!
Loved all the dynamic of this chapter.
As a feedback that I hope is helpful: try to keep track of the number of times you say (write?) a character's name when you want to show that the action comes from them, or they're being adressed. Severus’s name was repeated quite a bit in this one.

That being said: thanks you for the update, and for sharing your work!
9/26/2020 c52 1Robert E. Lee
I came as soon as I saw the notification. Thank you for posting the next chapter 3
9/26/2020 c52 StandupSitdown
Are we going to get something from Albus' pov next chapter?
I agree with Snape about how reasonable he was being. As a fan of Dumbledore I'm glad to see it but it really takes the wind out of Snapes sails. Looking forward to your next chapter.
9/26/2020 c52 Guest
Excellent beyond words as usual! I’m not ready for this to be even close to an end. Great job!
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