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for A Thousand Words

5/11/2015 c13 Kisuna
poor harry
5/11/2015 c13 16WRose
at last they talk
5/11/2015 c13 kazetoame
You know, the beginning of this chapter reminds me of when I was reading CoS. How could Hermione ever think Lockhart was anything but a writer of fiction? If you didn't know by reading his drivel, you could figure it out by the first lesson...actually by his entrance and 'test.' Good grief! Oh how I wished Harry had told Hermione how stupid she sounds when she defends Lockhart in canon. Thank You for doing that here. I mean seriously, wtf Hermione! Of course Harry isn't going to be grateful, Lockhart did Harry a HUGE disservice by commandeering Harry's order. The fact that Flourish & Blotts went along with this without notifying Harry would have pissed me off. I wonder if Harry could have gone to McGonagall with the problem. Anyway, thanks for calling Hermione out on her blind stupidity with Lockhart.

Snape is being an arse! Petty much? Oh, but Harry seems to have gotten the last laugh in this scenario, by claiming fault with Lily's death, he basically just punched Snape in the gut, good going Harry! Perhaps now Snape can begin to truly begin to heal as well as finally see what is before his eyes, not another James Potter but a child much like Severus Snape used to be.
5/11/2015 c13 6MaiKanon
Aww, poor Harry! I hope now/soon Snape will start being nicer to Harry! They'd make such a sweet father /son pair, if only they'd try :)
keep up the great work! Can't wait for more! :D
5/11/2015 c13 YeCatsJ
Oh my
That brought me to a few tears
Can't wait for more
Love this story so much
5/11/2015 c13 9Zaidee Lighthart
Finally. Well hopefully.. I'm hoping I'm not wrong in thinking that Snape may finally start to see the truth that is before him? Can't wait to read more. Hope you update again soon.
5/11/2015 c13 xxxLeanniexxx
You do some of the evilest cliffhangers !

What is he going to say to Harry?
5/11/2015 c13 2Amarenima Redwood
Brilliant chapter!
5/11/2015 c13 Lupinesence
Well, if nothing else I hope the upcoming discussion will make Snape a little less mean to poor Harry.
5/11/2015 c13 the dragon and the rose
Well, I think Harry definitely succeeded in catching Snape off-guard with that one. If he can't see that only Harry's looks are reminiscent of the teenaged James Potter at this point, I can't imagine what it might take to help him figure that out.

This conversation might prove to be quite the eye-opener for both of them.
5/9/2015 c12 sunsethill
Yep, that sounds JUST like something Lockhart would do. Harry is going to be spending lots of time in detention, isn't he? But I guess it might give him time to get up his courage to ask Snape to help.
5/9/2015 c12 Anna
Fantastic:) looking forward to more!
5/8/2015 c12 1SeverusForevermore
Thanks for another chapter - great as always :) Please update soon x
5/8/2015 c12 16WRose
that shithead i hope harry blurres out what lockhart did before snape and lockh.
5/8/2015 c12 Daealla
Wow, this story is fantastic so far! I just started reading it last night. I hope you write more soon!
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