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5/4/2015 c11 4Sierra-A.W
Yay! Another wonderful update! I'm so glad Snape's conscious got the somewhat better of him and he at least gave Harry a replacement photograph. I'm really hoping that someone finds out about the abuse though before all of his outward injuries heel themselves. Anyway, I sure do hope you update soon. Like a chapter tomorrow wouldn't be so bad...No? Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until you choose to update again. Although I know I'll be the happiest person in the world if the update happens sooner than later. :-) Great job! This is seriously one of my favorite stories right now. Thanks!
5/4/2015 c11 2Astrido
that really cute. I like that snape gave harry a different picture, as he didn't want to give back the other one.
5/4/2015 c11 xxxLeanniexxx

This story just keeps getting better!
5/4/2015 c10 6The Wandmaker
Re: Chapter 11 review - I can't believe I called them "Juggles" instead of juggles! How embarrassing!
5/4/2015 c11 The Wandmaker
I've never cared for the casual, "well-meaning" cruelty of Dumbledore. We already know that in the real world, Snape would be forced to take anger management classes. But from her very first appearance in Book One, I have always been utterly bewildered by the sheer blindness of McGonagall. She's pragmatic, and according to canon, can "spot trouble a mile away," yet she deliberately ignores all the horrors of Harry's young life. By the time we'd gotten midway through the entire series, I was actually convinced SHE was going to turn out to be the ultimate betrayer…secretly working for Voldemort all along. 1. She agreed to leave Harry, whom she supposedly adored, with "the worst juggles." 2. She took off more than the normal number of points from Harry after the dragon episode, just for being out of bed late. 3. She ignored his pleas for help at the end of the Sorceror's Stone. 4. She ignores his shabby appearance and crappy glasses,

I could go on, but what's the point? Is there a single thing she has ever done for Harry in the entire series? Considering his MURDERED parents were dear to her…she treats him like a random neighbor's kid who might occasionally mow her lawn. So, yes…even in this wonderful story, Minerva is just as awful. A blind man could see that Harry is abused.
5/4/2015 c11 2Amarenima Redwood
Brilliant! Update soon!
5/3/2015 c10 DhampirParadox
I just discovered this fic today and it's truely amazing. Everyone is so in character, and this twist on CoS doesn't feel forced at all but rather a natural progression to the change of events. I feel so sad for Harry, part of me is dying for someone else to find out about Harry's horrible summer. I can't wait to see more of Snape reactions and interactions with Harry. Thank you.
5/3/2015 c10 2Mishi Gohiku
The pot calling the kettle black. Harry's a tough cookie by the way you write out his characteristics but Snape is a real piece of work. Keep writing can't wait for more.
5/1/2015 c10 2Astrido
very nice. i like the way you handled that situation
4/29/2015 c10 4Sierra-A.W
I just found your story a couple of days ago, and I've finally caught up with all your posted chapters. I love the story so far. Very well thought out. I hope you update soon. I can't wait for everything to unfold. For people to find out about the abuse Harry went through during the summer and that he's been kicked out of his house. Oh, this is going to be a hard pull to swallow for Snape once he finds out. Please update soon. I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter. :-)
4/26/2015 c10 Cassandra30
Somebody has to find out what happened.
4/26/2015 c10 JCJ58
Love this story. :)
4/26/2015 c10 Hope06
Oh harry big hugs

And Minnie is right
4/26/2015 c10 Karis
This story is REALLY good. I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/26/2015 c10 Anna
Yess! Thanks for the update! Sooo sad! Amazingly written, love it! Can't wait for more!
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