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for A Thousand Words

6/13/2020 c51 Sophie
You're such a talented writer. Your story really helped me in a way, i know it's „just“ an internet fanfiction, but it touched me similar to how the original books touched me, it brought back all those feelings of excitement and it gives me something to look forward to during a time in my life, where I'm feeling mostly pressure and disappointment from all sides. Seeing your characters learn and grow and help each other gives me hope, and I always find myself imagining how everything will play out in the next chapters. It's just something beautiful and safe I can always come back to.
Sorry if that sounds pathetic, I really just wanted to say thank you. Your writing has more of an effect on people than you might realize, and I'm very grateful you're sharing this with us.
6/12/2020 c51 dead-marauders
I absolutely love your story! Great job on developing the relationship between Snape and Harry. I’ve read far too many where Snape becomes nice because of the abuse or three chapters they are all buddy-buddy! Ridiculous! And can I just say that I am so happy this is a long story... the fact that you can character development will make me reread this long after its done.
6/12/2020 c51 Vik
I just finished rereading your clever and enjoyable reframing of “year two” of HP. Great job staying true to the basic personalities of all the characters with just enough changes to make it more interesting. So Harry likes potions?! I had hoped by the time I got to this point the second time, there would be another chapter. Obviously, Albus is about to find out how much Severus cares about Harry even if he still does not really want to admit it. I am most intrigued by Albus’ earlier warning: “do not make the same mistake twice”. That has to be about his relationship with Lily. I would love to learn what caused that friendship/love? to end.
6/9/2020 c51 Thisisme49
I'm really enjoying this story. As much as I love a touchy feely Snape this Snape is just the right amount of cannon. He's not turned soft over night but he's not only softening towards Harry because of abuse. It's a really lovely balance.
Hope you keep well. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
6/7/2020 c51 Guest
Love your story!
6/6/2020 c51 Guest
I started out loving this fic. Now I wish the pace of the story was a little quicker and that there were at lot less scenes, it’s getting to the point were it is a bit ridiculous. Don’t misunderstand me, I still think this is really well written and that you are doing a good job. I just want to help with constructive criticism because you are such a good writer. I think that maybe because you spent such a long time writing it that maybe you kind of lost focus of where the story is supposed to be going, and loose yourself in the abuse and then denial scenes and the ones where Hermione nags and Harry lies about breakfast.
Maybe if you were to reread your story you will notice what I mean about the pace and repetitiveness, otherwise maybe you can read a couple of other stories to compare how the pace is and how they establish relashionships with caregivers for Harry. ( see „the best revenge“, stories by and marauderlover7)
6/3/2020 c51 VK
Thank you for an excellent story that just keeps getting better. The last two chapters are amazing and I am certain, difficult and demanding to write. Excellent job of showing Snape’s caring while preserving his difficult, abrasive personality. Please let us see the next chapter soon. Dumbledore knew Harry was unwanted and exploited by his relatives, did he not consider abuse? Should he not have watched for it? Did he know, yet took no action? Snape recognizes he Himself ignored some warnings. This will be quite a conversation, please share it with us now!
6/3/2020 c51 Guest
Amazing story!
6/1/2020 c51 Guest
I'm loving this
5/29/2020 c51 the.red.iz
Great story!
5/28/2020 c51 DarkAngel
I just finished reading this and I'm really impressed that this is your first try at this sort of thing!
Your writing is amazing, do you even use a beta? I can't find any typos or spelling and grammar mistakes.
The characters are also well done. You actually managed to keep Snape in character as much as possible and didn't let him go too soft too soon. One ooc thing that can be avoided bothers me though; Snape is actually fair and punishes or scolds his own snakes?! Even if, I think that should happen behind closed doors in the Slytherin common room or his office and not in front of the other students.
I also want to congratulate you on all your achievements ever since starting this fic. I'm already excited for the next chapter and I hope you are fine and safe.
5/26/2020 c51 Guest
You're very talented
5/25/2020 c51 Guest
5/24/2020 c51 1JadeDragon100
This... whoo boy, this makes me tired, frustrated and ready to scream all at once while the low key feeling of happiness buds at the bottom of it all. I knew it was building up for a reveal but holy crap did these last 6 chapters or so make me feel crazy. I am definitely following this because I need a resolution to this bad, I don’t think I’ve gotten this emotional towards a fanfic not being complete and ongoing than I am right now. I have no clue how you came up with what you’ve been writing, but you’re definitely doing it right because I feel ready to cry (already did a bit earlier when hedwig got poisoned after remembering canon). With that said, I beg you to keep up with this fanfic because I both absolutely love it and am ready to throw my phone in frustration because of it. Thank you sooo much for writing this, I truly can’t wait to see more!
5/24/2020 c51 Aurelian16
I’m been terrified. I’ve shed a lot of tears. I sometimes get emotional while reading fanfiction, but it takes an amazing author who is fantastic with characterization and story development. I was hooked from the start and hardly stopped reading after finding it. Thank you for writing this! With each chapter ending, I was getting scared that the big reveal hadn’t come up yet- now I can’t wait to hear from Dumbledore!

I love your writing style. The format of flashbacks made things tense as we saw Harry start to unravel at school while we learned more about his undoing at home. I couldn’t put into words my relief at Hedwig’s unharmed appearance. I love how you’ve taken canon and woven certain events, like the inflation, so seamlessly into your own plot while making them crucial in a new way. I loved watching Harry and Snape come to a better understanding, and it hurt to see Harry so close to reaching for help, and to see his desperate hope that he could maybe be okay with the Dursleys if he could do the impossible. So poignant, so gripping.

All that said, I love this story and I can’t wait to see what else you’ve written.I’m very anxious and excited to see the next update- Dumbledore and Snape should be interesting to see, to make a gross understatement. Also, if you have any favorite Harry/Snape mentoring fics, I am eager for recommendations. I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. Have a fantastic day!
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