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for A Thousand Words

4/30/2020 c51 Lasciella
This is an amazing chapter Cant wait for the next. Absolutely heart wrenching, great portrayal of bit Poppy and Snape. thanks.
4/30/2020 c51 Ann
A really awesome story! Thanks for sharing it with us
4/28/2020 c51 Kate
EEEEEEEK THIS IS SOOOO GOOD! I really like your characterisation of all the characters, particularly in the last few chapters. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
4/28/2020 c51 Midnightblue227
It has been over two years since I discovered this story and I still get excited when you publish an update. This chapter did not disappoint and I can't wait for the next. I love your characterisation of Snape and McGonagall in particular.
4/28/2020 c51 Guest
I didn’t even think of Madam Pomfrey but of course she could have known, she treated Harry for malnourishment for god's sake. And Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall discussed Harry not having his school things because his relatives „forgot“ to take him... Someone should have checked if he was doing ok at home
4/27/2020 c51 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
For canon and all HPff, I personally would like to see Severus punch Fumbleduck right in the face, obliviate the MOB and then do it over and over again! -/
Keep trying, Sev; you know it's going to take a while!
I always want to take Harry and make it all better!
MelJ :D
4/27/2020 c51 Guest
This was sooo good. Something about the way you write just gets me, I can feel every emotion.. Thanks for updating, especially during times like this. Really made my day!
4/26/2020 c51 Isto
Thank you for the update.
4/26/2020 c51 6K-Marie-M
I cant wait for the next chapter!
4/25/2020 c51 3Dama mary potter

This fic is so amazing!

Congrats! Hope read more soon!
4/25/2020 c51 Amatsuki Lon
It's been so long since you posted but I still remember jour story so well ! TToTT
As Always i will watch for the next chapter ! take care ~
4/25/2020 c51 lexi
4/24/2020 c51 2BekaRoo
Cant wait for the next chapter.
4/23/2020 c51 Guest
I’m so happy this is the only story that is updating omg
4/23/2020 c51 Guest
This has been the highlight of my quarantine! Thank you so much for posting! I look forward to the next chapter and the aftermath of the Dumbledore confrontation.
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