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for A Thousand Words

4/21/2020 c51 Alena85
Thank you for update! I hope Harry will be ok!
4/20/2020 c51 12broken5pieces
I am so happy you updated! I squealed with joy :)
4/20/2020 c51 Eggie1245
So glad to see you are still working on this story! Looking forward to the next update and stay safe in the meantime!
4/20/2020 c1 Pteaset
Love it
4/20/2020 c51 4HermioneIncarnate
Thank you for the update! I’m so happy to see that you are still plugging away on this excellent story. One thoughtat what point will Snape stop thinking of Harry as “the best”? It seems to me that this should be a turning point in their relationship, and maybe that would include how he thinks about Harry? I can’t believe he still sees him as a spoiled brat anymore. Very small observation. I love the depth of emotions you pull through with your writing.
4/20/2020 c51 Guest
Harry being worried most about being expelled in this situation was heartbreaking, although not surprising. Snape reacted really well, staying calm and immediately reassuring him. And they've come such a long way, now Severus immediately knew that Harry must have been under stress if he performed accidental magic, at the beginning of the year he would have just assumed that Harry was breaking rules for fun... It's weird, I reread the entire story before reading the new chapter and they have changed so much. Back then Snape gave Harry detention because his relatives didn’t let him out to buy his books, now he is unconditionally on Harry's side and desperate to protect him against them. And Harry who at first was determined to deal with everything by himself slowly learned that sometimes he does need help (most notably with Hedwig) and that adults can be reliable! It all fits together so well and I feel like you've chosen the perfect moment for the revelation, only now were they both ready.
I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, I wonder if Dumbledore suspected something and ignored it or if he just believed it would be alright without checking. Either way Snape is right and a lot of people habe a lot to answer for. The confrontation will be glorious!
Thanks for the update and stay safe!
4/20/2020 c51 5bl00d-orange
Thank you so much for writing. Can’t wait to read your next chapter.
4/20/2020 c51 26Fi Suki Saki
I'm Soooooooooooo glad this fic is Updated!
My literal reaction was "Is this What I think is it?! Oh My God please tell me it's new chapter and Not Note chapter!" And literally sobbing in Happiness!

I want to see Angry Severus confronting Dumbledore!
I think I forgot if this Dumbledore a good one or not...

Harry Need So Much Comfort and Protection!
And more Animal to play with him please!
4/20/2020 c51 Giulia
I loved this so much, I could practically feel Severus' tension! Good thing he got out of the room when he did, Madam Pomfrey missed a lot like they all did but exploding on her now wouldn't do anyone any good. I won't mind if Snape gives dumbledore a piece of his mind though... And poor poor Harry, this must be so hard for him. I'm glad Snape was gentle with him but in a way I think it helped Harry that Snape put his foot down, it takes away some of the responsibility and he doesn't have to make the decision to tell on his relatives himself. It probably feels like betrayal to him, even if that's unwarranted. I hope Snape will keep up the softer approach, it seems to really help the two connect! They both had such great character development.
Thank you so much for updating this, it brightened my day and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter!
I hope that you stay healthy and that writing can be as much of a comfort to you as reading is for us
4/20/2020 c51 Moewe24 - guest
Yes, let them pay! I'm so looking forward to the chapter in which it will happen. But I'm glad that at least you made Madam Pomfrey believe Snape right away instead of denying that even she had been ignoring all the obvious signs for all that time. I.m.o. you did a very good job with regard to Snape, and that this was one really good chapter, though hard to digest as always, but really well done! Did I mention once or twice that I do love this story and that I can hardly await the next chapter? Might have :)
Especially the next chapter will be one I can hardly await - Snape giving Dumbledore a piece of his mind with regard to the latter ignoring the child's ordeal for so long ... or did he perhaps know something and let it happen 'for the greater good' or for lack of other ideal? Anyway, it's inexcusable.
Thanks again, and likewise - please stay safe, have courage and stay healthy - a wish I'd like to extend to everybody who reads this - may you all stay well, whereever you may be! Greetings and solidarity from Germany :*
4/20/2020 c51 littl30wl
Very interested to see how this develops! Feels like we're at a turning point in the story.
4/20/2020 c51 L'ange demoniaque
Ouch! I wouldn't to be Albus Dumbledore right now.. great chapter !
4/20/2020 c51 Asilrettor
4/20/2020 c51 DarkZheep
Gash what a chapter, needed to feel some of Snapes anger. For this is heartbreaking.
4/20/2020 c50 6WhoAteMyEnchilada
It’s a strange day to be back on this website after WHATS been 5 years or so. I switched to ao3 in college and never really looked back at fanfic. I’m glad I did when I got this notification for a story I forgot I followed at some point. I was wondering if you have cross posted this to ao3? I’d like to add it to my bookmarked list if it is.
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