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for A Thousand Words

5/9 c54 Moewe24 - guest
Thank you so much for the new chapter. I do love this story and can hardly await the updates. I.m.h.o. this chapter has a perfect length. And about the new chapter itself: I think that Albus was pleasantly perceptive when he offered Severus some time to compose himself. Shows us that your Albus version is not just the big chess master who pushes around his pawns but knows how Severus must feel, being confronted with so many triggers.
It's still sad to read about Harry's constant self-depreciating thoughts, but how could it be any different? Too bad that he heard the Weasleys' conversation about the want of money. And now he was even sucked into the diary! When I think about all the horrible things that happened to Ginny in TCOS, I worry for him. Please update as soon as you can (of course there are other things to do in real life, so please don't feel uncomfortable!)).
5/9 c54 11MauoW
Thank you so much for going on with this story. You are very talented and your characters are so well written :) I just hope Harry and Snape got some fatherly relationship, I love the Weasley family but I’ve got a soft spot for parental Snape :) thanks anyway you are awesome I am waiting impatiently for updates xx
5/9 c54 1M-chanchen
Interesting continuation!
First off, the size of the chapters doesn't really matter to me. I enjoy reading either.
I really like the relationship/bond that develops between Harry and Snape. It is good that Harry feels like he can trust the professor since he doesn't seem to feel that way about many adults. I wonder how this will go on, with the Weasleys clearly willing to take him in, but now Harry knows about their trouble with money. The 'easier' solution would be if Snape took Harry in, since Harry already trusts him and he doesn't lack the money. Although the former could probably be resolved with a lot of work and for the later, it might also perhaps be possible to find a solution for it.
It's interesting how implement parts of book about the opening of the chamber of secret, but things happen partly different or don't have the same impact.
5/9 c54 pammiez x3
Oh Harry, why did he have to happen upon that conversation with the Weasleys? I hope he'll be able to see how wanted he is! The long waits for chapters are so worth it, especially because it gives me an excuse to re read!
5/9 c54 Jojo
Yessss! A new chapter! What a LOVELY surprise! I must say that, as much as I ADORE the Weasleys, I am still here cheering for Severus to take Harry ;) but these moments at the Burrow are really nice, the chickens scene was hilarious. Also, Severus and the calming draught? That was brilliant and really showed how attuned he is to the child’s needs. Now he just needs to acknowledge that! And OMG the mystery of the charm on Marge has been explained! It’s a very Snape-like thing to do, not to tell the child what the coin actually does XD so in character for him! The 5k chapter was PERFECT (personally I love the long chapters ;)) cannot wait to read the next!
Ps: hope to see some Severus POV about this whole situation. I’d be curious about what is going on in his head!
5/9 c50 IsupportFanfic
Ahh! So cathartic! After all the buildup and hiding and trying to fix the problem one as own (as children are won't to do), Harry's challenge is identified. Phew!

I am sure that so many of us read these hurt comfort fan fictions as a way to deal with our own experiences of having challenges during childhood and wishing someone would notice.
Ailee17 - you write this genre incredibly well. The amount of thought you put into the entire story arc is quite evident and much appreciated. thanks again!.
5/9 c49 IsupportFanfic
Whenever you post a new chapter, I always come back to this chapter and begin reading again.
Although, I must admit that at least three times I've gone back to the very beginning to read the entire story before enjoying your latest chapter. :)

But this chapter in particular - I find that last sentence incredibly moving.
Many thanks for all the effort you put into this story. We do appreciate that it can be difficult to continue to write around all of our full-time activities and the extra stress in the world these days.

Your ability to keep both of these individuals, in character, is very much appreciated and definitely one of the reasons why so many of us are drawn to this story.
Although I must say that your Hermione and Ron are quite in character as well. You must put quite a bit of effort into defining how they will verbalize their interactions with the other individuals.

Many thanks!
5/8 c54 Guest
It’s so exciting omg keep writing!
5/9 c54 1Emperor Phantom
great story.. hope to see new chapter
5/9 c54 Alena85
Thank you, 5k all right))
5/9 c54 Magsie-mags
I love the longer chapters! Can't wait for the next update
5/8 c54 Poledne
It is the interesting turn.
5/8 c54 7EarthBound Cat
Ooh, a new chapter! I liked the balance between Harry trying to trust in the Weasleys and trying not to be a burden, and the way he imagined Snape telling him to do something when he was too nervous was a good way to show him willing to take a risk after being *happy* for once. It really shows how a positive environment helps! I'm super excited to see where you take this. Personally, I like the longer chapters!
5/8 c54 Candlesonthetable
I can't tell you how much joy I got when I got the email to notify me you had updated this story. I love your characterisation of Harry and his reaction to the Wesley's. Of course poor Harry doesn't understand that love and responsibility come before material concerns, because no one has ever looked out for him before.

I was disappointed there wasn't more Snape in this chapter,although obviously the story line demanded that. It's just that the Snape - Harry interactions are my favourite.

You write beautifully and I can get lost in your prose. However, I hope you don't mind me saying, you have has Snape "eyeing" Harry in various ways over the past few chapters and while the verb does conjure up the exact image I am sure you want, it is starting to look a little repetitive and it now leaps out at me. But maybe that is because I have reread the fic several times and I am becoming too familiar with it!

Do continue to update, I am grateful for chapters of any length!
5/8 c54 ChrisUSA
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