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for A Thousand Words

5/5 c53 josh
this is an amazing story
it really caught my interest
I am really looking forward to more updates
5/2 c53 Batty
Oh, you're back! Sorry, I haven't looked at your story for a while - but I always come back because I simply love it!
The cat is out! I really loved the Severus-Dumbledore scene, them both being so very different in their emotions - Severus' anger bouncing off Dumbledore's wise and calm attitude, just like Harry's temper tantrum in the book after Sirius' death. So you really portrayed him really well!
And I love all those little devices you invent for Dumbledore, learning about this blood ward watching sphere was really interesting! I am curious how he will get it to work with another one's "blood".

I wonder if the diary for Harry is a normal one or if it has special features by Dumbledore? I would be surprised if it hasn't!

The Weasleys the best placement for Harry? I really doubt that and I share Severus' opinion on the matter. With so many children a child who needs special care and attention simply would be lost - especially one good in hiding what troubles him...

I am very much looking forward to another chapter! Thank you very much for continuing this wonderful story and for creating this new chapter!
4/26 c53 Guest
Such a wonderful fic! The characters feel so right and the pacing is perfect. I hope to read more soon.
4/13 c53 12broken5pieces
4/12 c28 Guest
Lol, I love it when even Hermione is super uncertain about Snape while Harry is discreetly making love-doed looks everytime they meet each others eyes
4/13 c40 broken5pieces
Hey, Albus. A small suggestion. Do a little less twinkling and more firing, will you?
4/12 c38 broken5pieces
Oh no Severus. The kid is attached to you now.

4/12 c30 broken5pieces
If I heard a kid calling out for his dead mother in his sleep, I think I'd cry
4/12 c27 broken5pieces
He was *never* going to stop asking.

Damn. That was a powerful sentence.
4/12 c20 broken5pieces
Draco's response, "I think you're still upset," made me cackle haha. This story is hilarious at times lol
4/12 c14 broken5pieces
Hehe, Harry you know better than to even think about good days! What if you jinx it?
4/12 c12 broken5pieces
Can we kill Lockhart? Please! No? Maybe some light maiming?
4/12 c9 broken5pieces
This is probably the fifth time I read this story. But still, my heart is pounding for Harry. He's so real; everything is so real and intense and beautifully written. I can't express my gratitude for you for piecing together such a brilliant story with a great paced plot and suspense and humor and tragedy. All the characters have life and feel real rather than most one-dimensional fics I have come across. I can honestly kiss you heh.

I can completely relate to Harry, which is sad, because I know there are many, many other people who have been hurt by their close family like he has been. It makes it almost hard to read his thoughts and all the bad things that happen to him (because he really really does have the worst luck). I want to give him a hug and whisk him away from everything and just want him to be happy and safe haha.

It's so damn sad that it doesn't even cross Harry's thoughts that he should tell anyone about the Dursley's. He was probably never believed as a child (that neigberhood and school that he went through is awful for not noticing or ignoring the abuse that was going on) and he also grew up with the abuse so obviously it's all normalized for him. It also sucks that all the bad luck that keeps happening to him just proves to him that he doesn't deserved to be cared or loved for. Damn it, this story is going to make me cry AGAIN!

I really hope you update! This is one of my favorite fics ever and I've read more than a thousand lol
4/12 c53 Guest
This is maybe the best fanfiction with severus as mentor for harry ! I fall in love with this story. I hope you will finish it pleaseeeee
4/9 c53 Guest
This story is so good! I love how it’s going so far!
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