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for A Thousand Words

4/7 c53 StalkerReader
it is difficult to stop reading this once i started. the development of severusharry relationship took many chapters to reach the revelation but i love every words heading there...
please update soon. its been 4 months since your last. normally i will only read completed fics with yours as exception. so, i am not used to this updates waiting game.
4/6 c53 3HermioneIncarnate
This is SUCH a good story. More? Please? I’ve read it three times, and what really strikes me is what a wonderful job you do on the characterizations. Great writing!
4/5 c53 Jax
Lovely story! Will you be updating soon?
4/4 c9 Ilene
I also really like the way you’ve decided to use Colin in this story. And the way you write Harry’s thoughts / emotions; he comes off as a fairly relatable and believable 12-year-old abuse victim.
4/3 c53 Guest
I love your story so much! Please tell me it’s not discontinued
3/28 c53 1M-chanchen
This is a really interesting story! I really enjoyed reading. You did great at writing. Very well done.
Snape is really slow in accepting Harry's trust in him, but I think it actually quite fitting.
I think the Weasleys won't cancel the arrangement, but I am not sure if it's the best for Harry in his current state. I think they could be a bit loud and rash for him. Additionally, he still needs to grow to trust them, which takes a long time for him to do with adults.
I am looking forward to reading how this will go on ;)
3/27 c53 Ilene
I just discovered this fic like 2 days ago and read the whole thing (so far). This is delightful. You're one of the very few fanfic writers I've come across who actually characterise Snape properly, so thank you. I also really like the way you write Dumbledore. The way this whole thing is progressing actually flows well and feels natural given everyone's personalities – it's not forced or contrived, as it often feels with these types of fanfictions. You also add good visual details to your scenes so I can practically see them playing out in my head, and that adds a really good dimension to the characters as well. I'm really really glad to have found this and am really looking forward to see the rest!
3/26 c3 StalkerReader
Hi Ailee...
Are you sure this is your first ff? Your writingstorytelling is amazing.. just like a pro.
The story flows smoothy, got the sceneemotions across well with non-lengthy words. Love it! Looking forward towards your next ff.
3/25 c53 4Estel Ashlee Snape
Good couple of chapters. Keep up the good work!
3/24 c53 Monkeemary
I’m loving this story, It’s a real page scroller. Snape’s not too nice, too fast, and Harry isn’t acting like a seven year-old instead of a twelve year-old, as so often happens in these types of stories. It’s refreshingly free of misspellings and grammatical errors! I look forward to the next chapter! I was disappointed when I went to your main page and found this to be your only story. I was hoping to find a dozen more, so if you could squeeze that in between law school, bar exams, and being a lawyer, that’d be great - haha!
3/22 c53 1Arizeri
This story has had very good character progression with the way Snape and Harry built their relationship. Ive never seen Severus warm up to Harry like this, and Harry coming to like Snape, him wanting to come help Snape with potions was a good idea.

It was exasperating and sad everyone had to go through all of this to get the truth out of Harry and you gave us a few red herrings (like the danger coin) glad they can move on now. Will you continue the CoS plotline? I wonder if Harry will start writing in Riddles diary instead, that would be good.
3/21 c35 Arizeri
I was so wrapped up in the Harry Snape story the Chamber of Secrets story line surprised me. Interesting development. I like how this is going slow. And your Harry is the most amusing Harry Ive ever read.
3/21 c18 Arizeri
Bahaha Harry just copying Snape for his detention essay, Im still laughing. I love how he is still is trouble self while trying to be good and polite to Snape. This is going so well, the characters are great. The only thing is I think the story with the photograph would have progressed believably without the deviation from canon of having Vernon physically beat Harry, not that thats not far fetched.
3/18 c1 Guest
Don’t forget us out here. Love this fam
3/17 c49 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
FINALLY! Ooh I hope the Dursleys pay.
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