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for A Thousand Words

5/11 c18 IsupportFanfic
Ooooh, phew!
I can just feel Harry's anxiety. As a result, the relief for him when he saw Snape, is completely believable.
Well crafted.
5/11 c15 IsupportFanfic
OK. I did not expect that!
Nice to include Hedwig more in the story!
I do hope she is saved.

This was a unique way (storyline) to have Harry and Snape interact. And one that I don't think I have seen before and goodness knows I have read thousands of Harry Snape fanfiction stories.
5/11 c11 IsupportFanfic
Dun dun dun!
Whatever is happening?!
Oh the story twists are begining to show themselves.

And still you managed to keep Snape in character. Well done.
5/11 c54 8Sw-0608
Oh dear, Harry and the Riddle diary. Not good, not good at all. You know, it's been so long since I came back to this story I'm going to have to go back and re-read it all. From what I recall, this was one of my favorite stories. I loved this chapter, and I always prefer long chapters myself. When I write and post fanfiction here, typically my chapters run 7,000-10,000 words. But I don't mind smaller chapters either. It's the update that counts, no matter how long it is. Great job here!
5/11 c54 Guest
Thank you thank you thank you!
I check your story every week or so and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw you updated.
To answer your question: Selfishly, I prefer longer chapters but whatever you can fit into your busy schedule is very much appreciated!
This chapter had to be one of the cutest ones yet, you absolutely nailed the Weasleys. And while there was little interaction between Snape and Harry, it made me happy how much of a positive influence he has been on Harry already (Harry going to ask for ink, chasing away his worry that the Weasleys will see him as a freak). I wonder if it will be enough to get him to confide in Snape about the diary. In canon he kept it a secret which caused it to fall back into Ginny's hands. Harry has a little more trust in adults/authority figures now than he did in the books, but he's also extremely loyal to Hagrid.. we'll see. But you’re still the master of cliffhangers! Another thing that has me excited is the detentions Harry will have to serve. The conversations that Snape has planned might rival McGonagall's „Have a buscuit, Potter“ in terms of unexpectedness
Thanks again for updating, the chapter was amazing! I hope things are good for you even if life can get stressful
5/11 c54 heart.dramione
oh no! harry facing danger already...
5/11 c9 IsupportFanfic
Ooh I'm rereading chapter 9 and remembering those painful yet amazing cliffhangers you used to leave us on!

Such good writing.
The Arc of your story is clearly well planned out & It really is much appreciated.
5/10 c54 fleur02
Longer chapters! please I really hope that you will update soon. One of the best fanfic sev mentor harry that I have read until today.
5/10 c54 Amatsuki Lon
always a pleasure to see the story updapted! take your time i will stick around it! <3

The scene with the chickens was adorable my heart melted at it, harry deserve so much to be happy ! TToTT

the fact that the weasley cannot afford a lot but still doing everything for taking care of their children warm my heart, they are so sweet! Dumbledore could pay the weasley for keeping harry it's not like he doesn't have cash. >.> but i guess in some way Harry will move to Severus's place! excited for next chapter! see you next time <33
5/10 c54 2Astrido
great chapter. i love the longer ones. it feels more like you can really built it up, before you need to cut it off at a good place.
and as for harry, does a 12 yo really worry so much about what ifs and maybe? i find it a bit too much with his second guessing everything and everyone. i mean it's not like the dursleys ever promised him to be different than the bad relatives that the were. so i find it strange that harry has aboslutely no trust in the way other people act, like Mrs. Weasley. disbelieving that he deserves it, is completely different from not trusting that emotion to be genuine.
5/10 c54 3Kyralian
The longer the better [because it's sad to get to the end] but some chapters naturally are shorter than others. I see that plot thickens.
5/10 c54 Guest
So happy for an update! I love the long chapters...just wish they were updated more frequently. But I loved this chapter. Such a good job with the Weasley characterization. Spot on. And I love Harry's insecurity and vulnerability. I love this story. Please don't wait so long for the next update.
5/9 c54 Guest
Hope next chapter will ne soonlove it
5/10 c54 1flightlessbird23
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: WOW.
Before I really get started, let me first answer your question. Although I am in love with every word you write, no matter the length, of course I prefer longer chapters! Especially with the time in between updates, the longer the chapter, the more for me to hang on to!
This chapter was incredible. The way you somehow stick so closely to canon and yet have these new developments just shows how talented of a writer you are. I was thinking as I was reading it, ‘The Chamber of Secrets’ could have gone in a completely different direction, and this is the one that feels right!
My favorite moment in this chapter was when Harry was about to use the Floo, and in his moment of fear, seeks the eyes of Snape for comfort before being whirled away to the Burrow, and then how Snape just KNOWS what to do! He and Harry are the perfect match for each other. Harry needs him. I found myself wishing something would happen for Harry not to have to go, but having this (confusing) time with the Weasleys is essential to the growth of the story. I will be patient.
I also really appreciated the moment when Dumbledore, out of the blue, asked Snape about the coin he gave Harry. It made my stomach flip flop. I like it when Albus points out these clear indicators of Snape’s affection for Harry to the man himself. He wouldn’t notice them otherwise, and now he has time to mull it all over.
Lastly, tonight I had a very long train ride from Florida to Virginia, and waking up yesterday to your update felt like fate. After weeks of knowing this long day of travel was ahead, what a gift to myself to have this next chapter! I saved it all day and then took time to reread from Chapter 50 on.
After reading the latest reviews, I see I’m not alone in my eagerness for Chapter 55. If you need anything to help you go a little faster (a cup of tea? perhaps some chocolate?), give me a call, and I’ll be happy to assist you!
5/9 c54 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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