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for A Thousand Words

3/16 c6 11FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I'm just waiting waiting someone to connect the dots that Harry was abused.
3/16 c2 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
Also, I almost wish Harry's accidental magic had flared to save the photos.
3/16 c2 FicsFromAnAnbuNin
I thought I had read this fix already and now I don't think I have and now I anticipate voluntary sleep deprivation.
3/16 c42 Guest
I can't believe we're 42 chapters in and snape STILL hasn't found out about harry's awful home life.
3/16 c24 Guest
Poor harry. This torture just goes on and on. How any educator can defend using up all a child's time doing mindless chores while their homework remains undone and all time for studying is lost. Hogwarts is the WORST SCHOOL and i HATE IT. (sorry, getting carried away here...)
3/16 c21 Guest
I think the saddest thing about the HP stories is how Ron brought out the worst in harry by encouraging slacking off & inattention to his education, and never providing him with essential information about the WW. Perhaps harry would have overcome his conditioning by the dursleys to not do his best with a more serious minded friend (Hermione being too much the opposite of Ron).
3/15 c53 laughoutloud1491
Oh wow - this is good! Please, I need more!
3/10 c53 KL
Waiting, waiting, waiting! I have enjoyed reading and rereading this chapter during the long, dark days of winter and choosing to listen to the hopes Harry and Dumbledore and a commitment even from Severus, admittedly, only as a last resort. Spring is only ten days away, how about a bright surprise for us with the return of sunlight? Please...
To respond to your question, Harry will be doing fine with Weasleys until some incident with Tom’s diary (I do not believe you put it there by accident). It will make it necessary for Snape to rescue him. That should settle the only person, who can be Harry’s guardian. :)
Hope you are doing well. Happy spring equinox! KL
3/8 c51 Guest
Ugh please update! It’s annoying when people just don’t finish stories... months in between chapters is just too long if it’s a story as good as yours!
3/8 c53 Guest
I need an update! Please! I'm in an update hole with all my favorite stories. Please, please, give us some updates.
3/3 c53 21Elliot Green
Great chapter. I'm very excited! Although I think we all know who will get custody of Harry eventually :)
3/3 c50 Elliot Green
A fantastic chapter. I cried.
3/1 c53 Guest
This is amazing! I hope this story is going to be continued
2/18 c52 1joh117
Please continue writing this
2/15 c53 Emma
I love this story so much. I didnt realize that it wasn't complete so I was dismayed to realize there wasn't a "next chapter" button. I really hope you keep writing this story, and I love how you have kept sev in character, but with show changes. Your writing is amazing and I really hope you keep updating :)
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