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3/11/2016 c2 VSX-2018
Here's a crossover challenge idea that you can show it to everyone.

[Denkou Choujin Gridman x Sword Art Online]

A sequel to the original Denkou Choujin Gridman. It starts of in 2004, more than 10 years after Naoto Sho and Gridman destroys Dark Lord Kahn Digifer. It will also have some inspirations from Sword Art Online: Smashing Red Version by Red's Pikachu.

Naoto and Gridman reunites once again to defeat a new enemy, who is a cousin to Khan Digifer (unnamed). During the fight with the new enemy, something happened. A portal that unintentionally created Digifer's cousin, pulled them into it, along with Gridman's arsenals and upgrades. They all ended up in the future, in the year 2022. Naoto and Gridman later found themselves in Aincrad at the start of Sword Art Online, where the players are still fighting against Illfang.

Let's just say that the players will get unexpected arrival and help from a certain young hero.

Gridman's arsenals are scatteted throughout the sky of Aincrad, floating or flying around the sky, remained unseen until Gridman called upon them.

It will also be AU, at the start Sachi is not killed and the Black Cats of the Full Moon guild are not perished. Some of the members will get injured until time of recovery. One of them probably lost an arm.

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