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for Consequences

12/13/2011 c1 thegrizzlybear89
This story frustrated me to know end-just like The Measure of a Man. Incredibly well written, suspenseful...I loved how you made me hate Maddox even more than I did before I read this. Fantastic job. Favorited :D

p.s. Poor Data...I would have cried the entire time he was gone had I been on the Enterprise.
6/23/2009 c1 14christinesangel100
Maddox is so evil! He needs to learn that Androids are sentient.

I'm glad Data was alright though...I mean, everytime I imagine him losing the trial to be sentient, I see his head away from his body, screaming as he's tortured, his arms crawling around trying to get it to stop, and basically...yeah. My imagination is wierd. And that actually almost gave me nightmares when I thought about it.

Anyway,I'll stop rambling and say-well done! This is a fantastically written story!

Thank you for writing such an amazing story.
12/9/2002 c1 1Spootasia Tomoe
that was really good! i liked it alot but i felt sorry for ata even though he comes back all better... i hope you write moer! good job!
12/3/2002 c1 9Munchkincat
WOW! This is absolutely incredible! You have a great talent for writing! "Consequences" is thought provoking and jarring. Great job!

Go Data! (And Picard) :)
12/2/2002 c1 25StevenM
Not bad. I liked it. Keep up the good work.
12/1/2002 c1 NeoAlphaGenesis
That was a very well written story! 'Admiral' Maddox didn't turn out to be such a bad guy after all. It was also nice to see this side of Picard for a change. We rarely see him get angry and irritated... but even then he keeps a cool head!

Again, great story!

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