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6/28/2022 c2 tseitz2328
Congratulations! This has been one of my top favorites since I first read it. I hope lots more people find it now!
8/18/2021 c1 Patriciadiane
Hard to read but I like it.
7/4/2021 c2 Guest
Wish you all the best in publishing but super sad to see this story go. I loved it so much and now I can never read it again because that wouldn’t be the same
6/22/2021 c1 Guest
Intriguing! Anxious to read the next chapter. Thanks for posting!
6/21/2021 c2 Fanatic22
I preordered! I read this story twice a year so I'm so happy you're publishing it. Congratulations!
6/21/2021 c2 pipelynn
Looking forward to it!
6/19/2021 c2 Moltz
6/16/2021 c2 Guest
6/17/2021 c2 10TwilightObsessed522
Congrats on getting this story published. It's definitely one of my favorites that I have read a number of times. I'm looking forward to more. :)
6/16/2021 c2 Zveka
Good luck with your new adventure ... this was beautiful story
6/16/2021 c2 tas62
Congrats and good luck. I totally loved this story so I will definitely plan to read the published version.
6/16/2021 c2 fanfictionalcolic
6/15/2021 c2 SassYNoleS
Wooohooo ! I loved this story !

Off I go to Pre-Order ~! X
6/15/2021 c2 michigangal0223
congrats to you... so happy for you
6/15/2021 c2 4BilliCullen
Shad I’m so very happy for you!
I loved this fic so much. I can’t wait to buy the books. Congratulations!
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