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11/9/2017 c2 Guest
While reading this chapter, I got a little confused whether you were using metaphors, or if Peter suddenly had the ability to create fire and chains. Too much imagery can confuse a reader. Metaphors are perfectly fine, so long as the reader understands that it is a metaphor. In a universe where superheroes and aliens are present, it is very easy to mistake a metaphor comparing a chapter's anger to fire as literal, even if it isn't that character's power. It is fanfiction, after all. I've seen fanfics where Peter's powers are entirely different. It is a good metaphor, but make it clear to the reader that it isn't literal. Good job, though. I like the interactions between Sam and Peter. It feels realistic for the characters.
1/30/2017 c3 13kittytail88
can't wait for more to come out! good work!
5/30/2015 c3 Guest
I know it's been awhile please update soon. I saw the new chapter of Losing You. I can,t believe what happened. Doc Ock got Spidey! Doc Ock got Spidey! I almost died. I can't wait for the next chapter with Sam's reaction. Sorry about the writer's block, it sucks when you can't do anything about it.
A new prompt (I tried to make it challenging and different): Werewolf by Night and White Tiger. Instead of love and dating, and compassion. This theme is purely lust, animal heat, non-committal, and passion. You know walk on the wild side, let it go, all that jazz. I dunno really.
So good luck on writing more, please update soon!
5/26/2015 c3 Heartless love
Hey! Can you write something about Deadpool. I love him! He is insane!
5/26/2015 c3 Heartless love
I love your fics. YAY! Spideynova!
4/14/2015 c3 WykkydImpulsFist
IronTiger. That first.
Do something about Deadpool. He's really fun to write. You can make him to anything and he won't die!
4/11/2015 c3 ArtemisBAMF1215
Hi, first reviw ever for your stories.
My favorite is Rain because it's just so dramatic and in depth with Sam that we never really get to see on the show.
My other fav story is Losing you. There were so many feels, it was unbelievable.
Two prompts: Spidey and Nova reveal their relationship to the team.
Challenge prompt 1: Never seen it before, but White Tiger and Powerman.
Challenge Prompt 2: Deadpool and everyone.
Keep writing.
4/9/2015 c3 25silverheartlugia2000
XDD I can see him running up and down the walls like a loony toon here, which he totally could! it was adorable!
3/6/2015 c2 Heartless love
OMG! I thought that you won't be able to guess that i was behind that whole brick incident. Guess you are smarter than i thought and as for this pairing, i just love it. By the way, no need to be threatened by me for i cannot remember ever working upon one (the annoying mosquito flying above my head is a witness for he is the one i have threatened to kill numerous times.)
P.S.- Besides this pairing i simply adore your writing. You never cease to impress me. I know that all of us feel the same thing.
3/5/2015 c2 WykkydImpulsFist
Boys. They take a million years to grow up. Unless it's the end of the world.
I think I like IronTiger. But I also like Dannyxreader/OC.
3/5/2015 c2 silverheartlugia2000
2/19/2015 c1 Heartless love
YAY!Spideynova rocks! Come on update i am eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Update or i'll attack you or maybe not because according to me i possess no such power by which i can locate your house and come fying there to attack you, no definately not. So i will try this - shows waterfilled puppy dog eyes - pweash update.
1/18/2015 c1 7shitpostaesthetic
I really liked this! I'm a huge fan of spideynova, and I haven't been able to find much on it. I'd love to see more, if you're continuing it!
1/8/2015 c1 WykkydImpulsFist
I need more Iron Fist. There isn't enough of him. And he's awesome!
1/5/2015 c1 25silverheartlugia2000
Ive got a prompt! Petey is usually pretty energetic on a normal basis, what happens if he accidentally gets hyped up on caffene?X3 I read in this other fic that his spidey sense kinda goes into overdrive at every little thing, imagine him over reacting to something like hot substances nearby or such

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