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for Winter's Thaw

11/25/2020 c37 5LaceyV
Oh my god, this was absolutely incredible. Not at all what I imagined when I had just started but an incredible love story all the same. Thank you, for giving my OTP a happy ending. Let’s pray GRRM sees fit to give them something in the last two books!
6/2/2019 c37 1Bee Line
That was beautiful. I can’t even describe how much I loved this. I was hooked from chapter one until the end. I loved the way you weren’t afraid to put the characters through the wringer. It was not all happy and saccharin and I liked the grit and the hurt these characters feltnot once out of character for me. Although they are not your own, you wrote them like your own. Loved it. Bring on the sequel!
5/11/2019 c14 Weaselredhair
She would have said mother not mommy
4/23/2019 c5 Mil
reading this after the last episodes developments- this is great!
4/17/2019 c37 2SaltWaterSwimmer29
Read this over on A03 then saw the same title in one of my tabs XD

I really enjoyed this story! It really drew me in!

(Also, what's the difference between the 2 versions of this here on ?)
8/18/2018 c37 2Vero Diaz
Why did you kill Sansa?
4/11/2018 c36 4Nami2255
I finished this story of yours last night, and finished your other stories just a few minutes ago. I think you are a very good writer and i feel that you nailed the game of thrones vibe as well. And with the gendrya, i think it is very well done overall. I can't wait to see you next chapters
4/6/2018 c36 emorley
Okay, what's this afterlife note you just snuck in there? I'm ready for more
3/21/2018 c36 Guest
Oh my God! Great chapter as always but that after note! It gives me the chills
3/15/2018 c36 WickedlyArcane
I've really enjoyed this story!
3/14/2018 c36 Guest
Umm, wait. Afterlife? Did I just read all of this for Arya to die? I'm gonna be awfully upset if that's the case.
3/14/2018 c36 pullynnhah
Where is Gendry? She said some horrible things but he should be there fighting for her. What do you mean by “Arya’s journey through the afterlife”? Will she die? No, no no this can’t be the end for Gendrya :(Can’t wait to find out. Please update ASAP I need to know
Loving it :D
3/14/2018 c36 bluestriker666
9/21/2017 c35 2user2986
how sad. but so good. excited for Arya and Gendry to make up but enjoying the ride.
9/19/2017 c35 Lia
Iam relieved that arya is not like bran with no emotions. I hope we can have gendry pov next time. Finished this story in one day haha and i am waiting for an update. Thanks author.
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