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7/9/2019 c2 Shifting Idiot
I have this theory that Chirin is a normal sheep but through his lust for revenge and anger became something akin to a demon.

Anyway: I know I'm really, really late but this a wonderful fanfic so far. It's difficult to find Chirin no Suzu Storys and even more difficult to find good ones, therefore I'm really happy this one exists!
2/24/2019 c8 14Ringcaat
Chirin, you have to share your feeelinnngs!

He's sadder and more tender than I would have expected from my memory of the movie.

I'm glad Jihi considers bringing back grass for Chirin if she can't find any meat. At least that would make her trip worth something.

This is becoming the "How long can this she-wolf survive without eating something before she snaps and takes up Chirin on his offer?" show.
2/24/2019 c7 Ringcaat
Not much happens in this chapter, but I like a lot of things about it.
* Her continued conflict about having buried the wolf and whether she might want to eat it or kill the ram after all.
* The fact her leg is still a liability and the worry that (and the snow fog) causes her. When will she next eat?
* Chirin's fatalist declaration that no, she doesn't need to go out hunting.
* Jihi's procedure for looking for signs of prey, such as the trees being browsed.
* Even the detail of the icicles hanging down.
* Having guests was weird!

So, lots of thoughtfulness that I liked in your writing.

Yes, you'd better avoid freezing or starving to death... but I wonder if there might be some way your new acquaintance could help, other than sacrificing himself. He does have experience hunting, after all.
2/24/2019 c6 Ringcaat
Aww! That song was very sweet, and it was also sweet of her to go to so much trouble to put this legendary monster at peace. She was able to change her perspective of him quickly.
2/24/2019 c5 Ringcaat
Chirin can certainly be confused, and he can cry, or not. It's an interesting direction to have Jihi go for the mentor's corpse. It changes the scene effectively and gives him something to be thankful to her for, in return for his rescue of her. But it seems odd that these wild animals would care about a cadaver. They don't bury their dead-why not let him be reclaimed by nature, if they're not going to eat him themselves?

Her thoughts on humans and their livestock are compelling. I wonder when Jihi will next eat. I expect she'll probably reunite with Chirin and they'll become a duo of sorts. That'll probably be good for both of them; they're thinking beings with no real purpose in their lives. They need each other.
2/23/2019 c4 Ringcaat
I'm finding myself bothered by the paragraphs in which you include dialogue from them both-I expect the same character to be talking.

The conversation has livened things up in a way. Chirin's current feelings don't seem at all clear, though. He was suicidal, but he let that go awfully easily. I'm glad Jihi has gotten bold enough to interrogate him, but she's lost her caution a bit quickly.

It seems odd that the bell would indicate that it's too late to escape. How does anyone supposedly know this, if the only ones ever to hear it were killed? And isn't it odd for a predator to announce itself with a bell? Well, I guess that's just part of the original lore-but it must have made it challenging for the duo when they wanted to hunt things down.
2/23/2019 c3 Ringcaat
I like the thought that's gone into this writing. Your description of the wolf's effort to free herself was intense. The wolf character is compelling and I'm curious about how Chirin feels. Is he looking for a new friend? I did find it tedious, though, that the wolf was so utterly convinced the ram was going to kill her, as if to maximally milk the surprise. I feel like she would have at least wondered.
2/23/2019 c2 Ringcaat
She doesn't seem like a weird character-she seems very relatable so far. I certainly sympathize with her frightening plight. Her options are grim! I expect Chirin will save her unexpectedly, though.
2/23/2019 c1 Ringcaat
Yikes! This hunt has gone very bad for our protagonist. She's keeping her cool, but seems to have a sense of how terrible her prospects are. Risk, indeed! I'm invested.
9/2/2018 c1 aFPWn
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9/2/2018 c1 uUozY
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7/30/2018 c8 2sankhya-kid
Of course so far Thats the best chirin story I read so far its perfect I really happy to see that you continued it And Cant wait to read the rest of your story Im really courious I always imagined chirin to become a wolf Pack leader dunno if your wolf has a Pack or familly xD Im sure her familly would give a look after meeting chirin
6/25/2018 c8 DmachineTh1rt3en
I just rewatched "Ringing Bell" and let me tell you, it's dark! To anyone reading this who hasn't seen it don't let its cutesy exterior fool you, trust me when I say, the ending is dark! As for this story, I really like it, Jihi is my favorite character in his story, she is curious, quirky, but at the end of the day she is still a wolf, whenever I read this, I imagine this expressive and quirky personality out of Jihi! But that doesn't mean Chirin isn't interesting, in fact he's very fascinating with how he's written and how he harkens back to his twisted past and finally finds a few positive things about it! Keep up the good work!
1/3/2018 c8 Achjira
This was amazing and I really loved going back to this fic and reading it again c: Chirin is so well written and definetly in-character with all his depressing musings and stuff and I appreciate the hopeful note at the end a lot

I definetly can't wait for the next chapters
1/2/2018 c8 TheGrandNil
Whattt? HAH
*stands on top of random massive ship that comes out of nowhere*
*sails off edge of the world*
"HA, AT LEAST I'M NOT SIIiiinkingggg" *falls into oblivion*



Oh, I cant resist the ship!

Aww, poor Cherin :'{
He needs to find a new purpose, somthing fun to try, he keeps trying different things that Jihi suggests, however he gets nowhere, because the thing he's best at is killing, he figures out how to he this for, What Jihi calls "good"!
Don't take this suggestion to seriously, just putting ideas out...

Awe, Poor Jihi, I hope she can find meat...
awww, soo cute!
(Surely you can see why I ship them soo hard, Jihi is so cute, fighting her instincts just for Cherin

This is the s#!% that i live for! I LOVE THIS!
(Sorry about your computer, I've been there before, know your pain ;{ ... try google docs, it auto-saves! )
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