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6/18/2017 c3 27AdamIsmiddle9
He really has changed
6/18/2017 c2 AdamIsmiddle9
All wolves are cautious, and thoughtful you made her the way she should be. She isn't weird at all. This chapter could've been part of the first chapter. Still interested in this story.
6/18/2017 c1 AdamIsmiddle9
So far I'm hooked, I hope the story stays this quality, if it does change, I hope it improves.
3/29/2017 c7 2sankhya-kid
The story is something amazing I hope you plain to continue it it could easily pass as sequel for the original:) your character is one of the best
11/28/2016 c7 TheGrandNil
Great update! I'm always a fan of predator/prey friendships/relationships. (such as: nick and judy from zootopia or gabu and mei from One Stormy Night) I ship Cherin x Jihi. Also I was thinking about a hunt by the humans, where Cherin learns that he is not the most powerful creature, and that humans pointlessly kill also.
11/28/2016 c7 1Lia Silverclaw
I'm sorry about your ferret, losing a family member is always hard. I am glad that you could write this chapter though, it was definitely worth waiting for and I look forward to more like it.
11/12/2016 c6 RustyPete12
This was depressing, but it was good to see a little closure for the movie. Good job!
10/26/2016 c6 2sankhya-kid
Wow incredible good story I can't wait to see the rest of it:D your character is brilliant and chirin is so in character I love it...lol also I ship it xD
10/16/2016 c6 TheGrandNil
Does it take you this long to update normally? You're updating quite a few other stories while saying that you're "working" on this story.
9/17/2016 c2 TheGrandNil
Please Update, my birthday's coming up! :)
9/14/2016 c1 TheGrandNil
I'll be commenting every week until you update this. Soo... Please Update!
8/18/2016 c1 Guest
please update its already 2016
8/31/2015 c6 11OMAC001
This is pretty good. I never watched the movie but from what I read about it, I think this story fits the tone. Please update soon!
5/24/2015 c6 1Lia Silverclaw
I think I like this story and I found this chapter rather moving. I hope to see more from you.
2/1/2015 c4 Ada-Erika
Wow. When I read the series name I didn't regonize it but when I read your story's description I was like "OMG IT'S THAT JAPANESE MINI MOVIE I WATCHED WHEN I WAS 10 OMG I LOVED CHIRIN" And I just had to read it. And it's awesome this far! I mean your wolf chara is quite nice. Bit of a goof but it 's hidden cause she is cautious. And you write Chirin well keep up the good work!
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