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for KOMINATO RYOSUKE: A Guide On Tainting People Thoughts

10/2/2016 c10 FrostedShadow
This story is amazing please keep updating it if you can
7/11/2016 c10 14Yari Cullen Kuroo
Hahahahahahahhhaha AWEEEEEESOOOOOOMEEEE! muy God, i loved! It was great!
5/28/2015 c10 12Noitamina
I love this!
5/27/2015 c10 Guest
3/27/2015 c10 10RubyRose8986
OMG! Ryosuke is very very very was so funny! My brother laughed his head off!(me too)
3/13/2015 c8 21redpenkiller
Poor little kids! Ryosuke's tainting their minds too!
3/10/2015 c8 10RubyRose8986
Should I feel sorry feel the drunk man o_O?
3/9/2015 c8 Zan
OMG. A possessive ryou-San is the best.
2/1/2015 c7 21redpenkiller
RYOSUKEEEEEEEE! How DARE you do that to Haruno! Oh my god, I'm so close to throwing my tv out the window!
1/31/2015 c6 redpenkiller
And the lights just HAD to come on at the best part! Man, this story's making me so flustered lol
1/31/2015 c5 redpenkiller
Oh, guys! I feel so sorry for the rest of the team!
1/31/2015 c4 redpenkiller
Kuramochi! Noooooo! He's been tainted!
1/31/2015 c2 redpenkiller
Lol I'm so done! Furuya, just WHY did you have to ask that question?! WHY?! My sides are hurting!
1/31/2015 c1 redpenkiller
Oh. My. God. After Ryosuke teased Eijun's nipple, I could NOT read on. But I did. Eijun is so stupid! God, I've been scarred even more than I already am and that's a GOOD thing!
1/27/2015 c6 Cho
Whoa, Kominato Ryosuke is a pervet, hahahaha
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