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for No One Like Gaston

12/21/2017 c1 ahva
Oh lord this is equal parts hilarious and disturbing. I love the love fest between these ego-maniacs. At first, it's like a hotness pissing contest and then it becomes infatuation. This may be something like the closest they'll ever get to loving someone else...loving someone else exactly like themselves in every way! The last paragraph was my favorite, in the way that you used some of the lyrics from the "Gaston" song while making them specifically to Gilderoy.
8/17/2017 c1 Guest
At least we know ONE Beauty and the Beast character has read Lockhart's books.
7/21/2017 c1 37Polly Little
Aww, this was delightfully bittersweet. At first I thought the characters would clash badly, but you've managed to write two incredibly vain men perfectly without letting either one steal the spotlight.
7/1/2017 c1 136rebecca-in-blue
Now this is what I call a good crossover. You weave these two fandoms, and especially these two characters, together SO perfectly. There is a lot of good humor in this - I lol'ed every time you worked in a line from the Gaston song, but by far my favorite was "this little town, this quiet village, where undoubtedly every day was like the one before" - and the ending was so impressively poignant. Really wonderful work.
5/22/2016 c1 Guest
What an unusual pairing, I can see to though. Good job!
2/3/2016 c1 7Charm Caster1127
*groans in despair* NOOOO! Two of my least favorite characters have met! WE ARE DOOMED! EVERYONE! GET THE TORCHES! FLASH MOB! Ether way, lovely little one-shot!
1/28/2015 c1 Buhbump
I don't usually like this kind of thing. (Romance in general) But that gave me feels. (Somehow...) And I now approve of this pairing.
1/9/2015 c1 514yellow 14
All these Disney lines...very amusing. Keep writing
1/8/2015 c1 Guest
A funny & sad crossover story.

The Crimson Mage.
1/7/2015 c1 Raven55
Wow, a paragon of rustic lecherousness. That's strong stuff!
I really liked the way you integrated some of the Disney lyrics into the story. And the idea of a face-off between these two characters is really good! Well written story!
The only drawback is that I know have a Disney medley running through my head ;) but that's definitely worth it.

- Raven55
1/6/2015 c1 13DonnaPaperheart
And now I also ship the thing :)

Good work!

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