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for Life and Death

8/31/2016 c1 61Ihsan997
Holy shi...what? Omg

Okay, so this was published a good month before you started DND...why the choice of Sara as a name?

Anyway, moving along. I quite enjoy the look at Eonar here, though I didn't properly brush up on titan lore first. But holy moly, that was an incredible look at the introspection of a being who otherwise would come off as haughty and hypocritical. I suppose that the titan of life receiced the wakeup call she needed to understand that life and death need each other. Bravo!
1/31/2015 c1 8Missing Middle
I don't play WoW, so I'm going to comment on the writing only. I'm impressed with your vivid descriptions and the level of detail in your world, characters and action scenes. Compared to your first work (The End of Death God), the writing here is definitely more elegant, with a wider variety of sentence structures. However, probably because I'm not familiar with the characters here, I personally found The End of Death God more moving. There seemed to be more emotion in that other story. You could disagree with me of course, but I think your story could do with more characterization. Another thing: you could consider breaking up your story into 2 or even 3 chapters and posting them separately. A 9000 word chapter is kind of intimidating / tiring to read.
1/14/2015 c1 2BlackKnight92
Excellent story, really there is nothing I could put my finger on and say this is bad. Maybe the only thing is that the battle scene against the Old God was a bit too long and I started fearing that the whole story is going to be a collection of Titans fighting Old Gods. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that it wasn’t.

Conversation between Yogg-Saron and Eonar was by far the best part of the story. Yogg-Saron’s story of how he and his fellow Old Gods came to be was excellent and, what is very important, possible. But the crown of their conversation was how he manipulated Eonar, making her doubt in Titan’s work, showing us that Titans aren’t some perfect unbending beings. Although we know that from Sargeras’ example his fall to corruption was never fully explained in the game. (Just so you know by the lore Titans aren’t aware what Sargeras is doing, but I suspect that you bent that fact for the sake of the story.) But the important part of their conversation is that it portraits Old Gods as victims, while in the game for us they are clearly evil, showing us that what is good and what is evil depends on the point of view.

Thanks for a good read.
1/12/2015 c1 1The Nurgling
I am amazed this only has two other reviews.

It is incredibly well written and it covers a topic that isn't often explored in Warcraft's fiction. Even in it's canon both the Titans and the Old Gods are barely understood in both their natures and their motivations.

This rendition of their confrontation offers a peak into the past and it poses questions that one might not usually bother with asking. The Universe in it's natural state is one of Chaos, with stars exploding, Galaxies crashing into one another, world's being rapidly created and destroyed. The worlds that the Titans have visited required their intervention to be made orderly. Despite the 'order' that they bring, it isn't the natural state of the Universe. So one could argue that it is they who don't belong and don't fit into the natural 'order' of the Universe.

This story was one of actual Warcraft novel quality, perhaps even better in some cases. Though something I am especially glad for is the fate of C'Thun fitting with what actually happened. Thinking him dead the Titans left him where he fell and he slunk back into the shadow, hence why he was not imprisoned like his counterparts. Only biding his time to return.

God knows what happened to Y'Shaarj though, what lead to his demise anyway.
1/7/2015 c1 5Shinkicker
Interesting take on things (even if your version of the Old God origins are wrong, they did not originate on Azeroth). A volcanic world with one moon huh. Would this world eventually become colloquially known as Char? Heh.

Thanks for posting.
1/7/2015 c1 Lovmp
I hope you tell more lies like that. This was a nice read on a subject that isn't popular (probably because we don't have much detail. there is a book thats coming out Nov. 2015 that has a cover with titan soldiers against the Elemental Lords.)

I'm not sure how much of their conversation was just typical Old God mind manipulation. Yoggy almost had me there, but then I remembered the Hour of Twilight and how bleak is was. With the creation of he Demon Soul, their actions caused a lot of pain for the living. Is it worse than planetside nuking? Azeroth was considered for Reorigination recently.

Titans remind me of noncyclical Reapers from Mass Effect. They purge spacefaring races every now and then for the "greater good" and order and whatnot.

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