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12/12/2018 c3 Guest
Man, I love this story. Tony and Dave as family are sorely under-utilised in my opinion - there’s so much potential with it.
But, oh damn, Senior, you may or not bluff your way out of this in the immediate future, but i can promise you, that the profiling team will put the pieces together very quickly - they have, after all, spent a lot of time with David, and know his quirks. Now that you’ve appeared, I bet they will very quickly start observing that James/Tony is much more like Dave then you, and Aaron at least knows about the connection between you and Dave, and Anthony Jr and James.

I’m gonna move onto begging now though Reading Elf - if your still around, I’m actually desperate to see what’s next!
11/19/2018 c3 Kat
Please continue this story. I really need to know what happens.
8/13/2018 c1 Si1verflame
I am enjoying this story , are you going to finish it ?
I would like to know what happens ! Lol
6/6/2018 c3 2BookFan96
I wish that you had continued this
4/25/2018 c3 15LeonoraChris
So far pretty interesting. I hope you'll come back to this. :)
4/12/2018 c3 26jeanette9a
this is one painful cliffhanger.
but the fact you haven't updated this is years, leaves me wondering.
I hope you are alright.
4/10/2018 c3 daffyduck527
Love the story. I'm sure real life has intruded but I really hope that you continue the story. I have truly enjoyed your portrayal of the characters from 2 of my favorite shows.
3/13/2018 c3 1PhoenixRising253
This ending scene confuses me. In the last chapter or so Tony verifies that he is adopted and free of Senior so I don't get why in this story Senior would still pop up since he's not Tony's dad... You present a cold hearted kidnapper who was absent and disowned his child at 12. I don't believe that's canon, which don't get me wrong is fine, I'm just trying to understand. Canon Tony would allow his dad to walk all over him because he's his dad and he wasn't necessarily abusive, but more neglectful. This Senior doesn't seem like the type to pop up... Also, where was security. How did he manage to get onto the Navy Yard and through security without clearance? Guests have to be escorted and only in certain areas...Sorry random and unimportant question. I'm interested to see where this goes. I'd love to see someone put a bullet in Senior's head for what he did!
11/5/2017 c3 kreid
This is a great start to a story and I wish it had been finished. It was getting really good and of course had to be abandoned on a cliff hanger. I like the crossover idea though, I’m going to have to find more CM/NCIS stories.
10/25/2017 c3 1PrincessSamaraBlair
Please consider updating this story again, I would love to see if senior gives anything way, and either team figures out just who Tony truly is.
9/20/2017 c3 2PrinzessTinkerbell29
Update soon loved it
7/20/2017 c3 2NyxxNoxx
oh man i was really enjoying this story...
7/20/2017 c3 dreamer 3097
A good story like to see next chapter
6/28/2017 c3 9Lofi Lokison
This is beautiful and I can't wait to read the next chapter
6/12/2017 c3 14Angst-BuriTTo
love this so much, the backstory and the way you went through the years, adding so much detail, it really made a picture pop up crystal clear in my mind, you have done an breathtaking job of creating this AU world. I can't wait to see more of this splendid Fanfiction, well done!
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