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for I, Panacea

6/7 c11 ArkhCthuul
And that is why. You plan your teams questions ahead of. Time...

Or die.
5/20 c25 4hvm2k2
The idea of Jack having Doorway privileges is terrifying. Great stuff, looking forward to the next bit
4/13 c2 Emmanuel Cadichon
Technically Michael isn’t a Mary Sue
4/6 c2 JustDusty
Is this story really about a 44 year old Gary stue? I was kinda hoping on Taylor or something hopping in Amy's head, instead of another delusional SI playing superhero.
1/31 c25 Corwyn
I am continuing to love this story. Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us!
1/26 c25 2wsbenge
Jack Slash executed. The Nine gone. Now, to work on getting The Heavy Hitters ready. Panacea. Skitter. Tattle tale, to a lesser extent.
1/26 c19 wsbenge
Nice trap. The bullies are packaged, and done.
1/26 c15 wsbenge
And I'm here to shut you down.

Good job.
1/26 c14 wsbenge
Very good conclusion to Piggott and New Wave.
1/26 c12 wsbenge
Reading this yet again. Really goodwhere it needs to be before the story gets 300 years long. In te middle of Cauldron.
1/22 c25 woodcutterw
That was pretty great. Seeing the Nine put up a little bit of a fight was nice when so often they just get Insta gibbed.
1/14 c25 Bubblezmith
Should send him after Crawler just to be safe.
1/12 c25 psp reader
bye Jack
1/8 c25 21katmom
Well...that worked! Thanks for sharing.
1/7 c25 Lycanthromancer
Waitaminute. Did Alexandria *only* break Jack's neck and then considered him dead? Because he spent the longest amount of time with Bonesaw, so the chances of him being dead from *only* a broken neck are pretty much nil. If she didn't pulp his brain, followed by hurling into the sun, it's just a matter of time before the nanobots in his body repair him and get him back on his feet.

Michael really needs to be a bit more thorough in his briefings. As it is, they're a bit too...brief.
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