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for I, Panacea

9/28 c33 Chezzzz
Great story, very much enjoyed it. Thanks!
9/11 c33 Corwyn
I loved this story! Thank you ever so much for sharing it with us.
9/2 c33 1Wicked.A
Very nice epilogue, Jacobs wanting to meet blast is also nice
9/2 c32 Wicked.A
Very nice chapter
8/23 c33 gremlin914
A very well crafted story with a satisfying ending as so many fail to achieve. Well done and thank you.
8/18 c18 lederware
Ahaha, that was awesome! Thank you for writing!
8/18 c21 Our Lady Silence
Thank you for writing & sharing!
8/13 c27 Guest
Word on the street, is that is going through with a NSFW purge very, very soon.
8/14 c1 goblin.mknapp
I love your warning first chap straight out saying what you're willing to do and why to set the boundaries between writer and reader. too often I see authors who take suggestions start to write solely by the suggestions and it becomes no longer their story so props to you for doing this
8/14 c33 alaskan-dracolych
Been a few years, but this is one heck of a satisfying ending.
8/13 c33 ColoradoBee3500
Thanks, good ending :-)
8/11 c33 Guest
8/12 c31 osterreicher97
Awwww... poor Riley...
8/11 c33 rmgiroux
As usual from you, good story, and a good wrapup to it as well.

Thanks, that was a very entertaining read.
8/9 c32 Guest
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