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1/7/2020 c8 Guest
My heart melted woth no trace left. I absolutely ship Palutena and pit forever!
4/22/2019 c31 PingasTrain
No offense but this became boring after chaoter 16 ngl.
1/4/2019 c6 BrieferCat
I didn't even realise that this was still being completed oof
9/3/2018 c1 r8GOa
Veri n1c302ost0riYJ
8/8/2018 c1 YoshiDB
What's this? An update? And its adorable as always? Of course it is.

Could some of the symbols allude to the threat from the beginning of the story? Can't wait to see what happens after this.

Keep up the great work Urby!
1/11/2018 c26 lightning girl
Please write more.
I love it
1/10/2018 c25 lightning girl
6/17/2017 c29 Flipforme
I don't really know what to say but I love the work you have done! I quite enjoy the fluff myself so... uh, chin up! Please don't abandon this phenomenal work of art TTTT!
5/27/2017 c19 Guest
You are such a talented writer. Having returned to have a look at the fandom on a whim, I looked up your story specifically to see what it had become since reading the first three or four chapters. I hate that the fandom is so barren just because I adore these characters, but I feel like you capture them better than any other writer has been able to. Nonetheless, I feel like if nobody is reading, you should take your talent elsewhere. Your plot and character development is phenomenal, and maybe you should begin something which could earn you the recognition that you deserve. I kind of want to just shower you with some more praise now though. Your settings and imagination are gorgeous. The cannon of Kid Icarus genuinely seems to expand and form as you write about it. The new characters not only fit in, but develop into completely credible beings. I genuinely relate to your characters too, and their emotions are clever for sometimes being indecipherable to themselves, but not to the reader. Lastly, I appreciate what you have done with this story. The only stories I have ever written have been to satiate my own affection for characters and plots which haven't been explored, but I feel like here, I have been saved the effort. Keep going or don't, you have given more than enough!
5/25/2017 c29 BnS
lovin this fic so far. I stumbled on it recently and I read the entire thing at once, couldn't stop. Nice work.
5/23/2017 c29 YoshiDB
Aww...I hope you can find it in yourself to finish the plot. If not, then at least wrap up the story that explores the angel sandwich relationship. I know that not a lot of people have been writing a review when you upload new chapters, so that's why I'm writing this. And if it makes a difference, I got my sister hooked on this story and she really likes your writing too.

But I agree with your AN, "a dying fandom" is exactly what the KI franchise has become. It's pitiful to say the least. If you don't plan on writing more for this story, I'll understand.
2/14/2017 c27 YoshiDB
This is still such a wonderful, sweet story to read, especially on Valentines Day. The pacing is perfect, and the relationships are spot on. It's good to see Tip taking it slow with his feelings about how he feels about intimacy. I hope many more chapters will come out. And I'm curious about where Viridi's and Dark Pit's relationship will go? And what happened to all of the suspicious Underworld activity that was mentioned in the early chapters?
1/7/2017 c26 YoshiDB
Awwwww. Another adorable chapter. It's always nice to read cuddly chapters between the 3. The angels having different feather shapes was a nice detail, since it was a difference that was only shown on Pit and Dark Pit's concept art.

I've seen this on AO3 and I've read parts 2 and 3 of the series, so I'm wondering if and when it will get uploaded here, so I can add them to my favorites.
12/20/2016 c7 3Tikaya
Meh, I forgot that even great stories can have a hard time getting reviews and I'm used to long stories having a ton so I'm glad your AN made me realise I'm not doing my job as a reader.
Right at the start, I'm not one for romance and I don't really like Palutena. I actually clicked on your story by accident but your first paragraph really drew me in. Nicely done! :)
I really like your writing style and that there seems to be some interesting plot simmering behind the romance which helped me get invested in the romance. I really hope you'll balance that in the following chapters. Still in chapter seven here. I think you did a really really good job with capturing Pit and Pitto's personalities. Pit is eager, a bit thick and adorable as always and I can clearly picture Dark Pit reacting like you wrote him. That's why I kept reading. I also really like Viridi here and the relationship she has with Dark Pit.
Aphrodite is an interesting addition and I do like her influence on the plot. Bit worried about that curse thing ... Also what about that bow she gave Pit? And just what is Dark Pit?
At first your excellent writing caught my attention but now I'm curious on where else the story will go!
12/19/2016 c25 YoshiDB
Aww. This is such a heartwarming chapter. I wonder what Pit's mom would say now that her son is now the Captain of Palutena's guard? I bet she would be so proud.
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