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2/16/2019 c2 RobinRedoe
I was looking for nice fanfics again that I hadn’t read yet. I DID read this one a long while ago but just found out that I never reviewed the 2nd chapter, so I could leave another review, haha.
So I just re-read the story again and loved it once more. The ending especially is nice when Murdock learns that he’s not the only one of the steam struggling and that even the Colonel sometimes needs to shed a tear. It’s nice seeing Hannibal being open about his emotions but staying in character without it all getting too sobby (in lack for a better word). A well-written story with new insights in the team’s characters
1/29/2018 c3 13Frapper
So, you didn't do anything with Tia... I should have paid more attention to the summary! haha.

I loved this story, so emotional. I felt for Murdock, poor thing, thinking he is really damaged and a fool because the others seem to be coping OK with the shit they saw and do during the war. He should realize they are all damaged, each on their own way (I liked how you put it, that the way Hannibal is coping with his trauma is by following the jazz, as kind of suicidal. Nice one!)
I still have to watch so many episodes I don't know about Murdock and the CIA. I'll have to watch for that.
Well, thanks for a good read. Nicely done.
1/29/2018 c2 Frapper
Oh, boy, poor Murdock, mixing flashbacks, dreams and reality. Hannibal, hurry up!

(one thing: they hit his Left shoulder, not the right. I know because I checked for mine! haha)
1/29/2018 c1 Frapper
I don't know why (because I don't like reading other people's stories while writing my own, as I get distracted and I don't like the interference and clash of ideas, even more in this one as it is the same theme), but I started reading your story! Yay!
Nice way to get rid of the general: dump him to the sharks! LOL. I only left him charred-black in a helicopter wreck in the jungle, hahaha.
I also wanted to use the same plane to go back, with the other pilot flying, but I did think about refuelling. It is a small plane. Wouldn't be too much for its range to go to Vietnam and back? I wonder. And landing in the jungle may have been easy, but take off would be more difficult. And, I assumed they were all posted in South Vietnam, not really close to Hanoi for the general to father a child behind enemy lines... Well, so many things I wonder on that episode, it kills me! So many plot holes...
Oh, well. I'll see what you did with Tia ;)
10/31/2017 c3 RobinRedoe
Bravo! This was really nice. I think your 2nd chapter describes Murdock’s flashback so well. You really feel for him. And Hannibal’s way of dealing was written very well too. I really ‘felt’ it, in lack of a better way to phrase myself properly. Beautiful storytelling.
10/31/2017 c1 RobinRedoe
Finally, I started reading this story. I was super curious. What a great start. Building it up. Can’t wait to read more.
6/12/2016 c3 7Aileil
Well, this is me not being shy: I wanted to inform you that I appreciate the work you put into this story, the thought, the care, the tenderness. You clearly harbour love for the characters in your heart and I value that. I also must give you credit for your smooth and subtle use of the English language. The tag flowed well, you didn't draw undue attention to the written vs. visual media, but you chose your phrases well so as not to distract from the tale they were meant to present. Thank you for your efforts.
5/2/2016 c3 Bama122
1/19/2015 c3 13RoundBrainySpecs
Aww, gosh, this was lovely and sad and lovely.

Especially love what Hannibal says in the final chapter, the first beginning with the 'gospel according to the service' and the second beginning with 'you give an order and sometimes a comrade is killed'; they're so tight, succinct, perfect, and nigh poetic.

Wonderful job!
1/9/2015 c3 6GreyGregory14
Great Hannibal and Murdock interaction here. I like how Hannibal points out that some of each team member's personal quirks are part of the way they cope with their memories. This story also brought good closure to an atypical A-Team episode. Nice job!
1/9/2015 c3 14MommieJen
Aww, such a nice ending! I really like that you also play Richter as being in the know with the Team. It just makes so much sense that way. Richter may have chewed him out, but Hannibal made the right call. They needed to not only be a whole team, but Murdock needed to be there.

Also, about Murdock and the CIA - it's my personal little head canon that they played dirty with him, there were times when his hands were tied and he just had to do the dirty work.

One of most favourite episodes!
1/9/2015 c2 MommieJen
:( My poor boy! No wonder he's so out of it with the return trip to Vietnam so fresh and recent!
1/9/2015 c1 MommieJen
Well, my interest is peaked! I have always wondered what they did with Fulbright's body and that seems like a reasonable and probable explanation. That scene with Murdock and Hannibal at the van (thinking about it vs remembering it) always gets me with the haunted looks in the eyes of both of them. There's so much that's not said there that plays into my general headcanon of the show. On to ch 2!
1/8/2015 c3 19CrazyFM
I really enjoyed reading it. The first chapter was a good introduction, the second chapter rose the suspense perfectly. The last one brought it to a good ending. You summarized the individual qualities of each team member very good and I liled the Murdock/Hannibal father /son moment at the end
1/8/2015 c1 23SaraiEsq
It's been a while since I've seen this episode, but the action took place in Vietnam, not Korea. So shouldn't the guards have been Vietnamese not Korean?
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