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for The Almost Silent Treatment

5/3/2020 c10 rizee 7
plz update
12/16/2015 c9 1tobiep
please up date this is a good story
12/13/2015 c9 5Retro Wolf
Good chapter. But it was a bit short
7/29/2015 c9 Xxthe dark shadowXx
Nice chapter
7/27/2015 c8 2Humphrey418
Humphrey explains to kate how he is able to do it the next day and kate ask if there is a way she can do it too and humphrey says u don't want to and kate keeps asking until he breaks and tells her she has to be hit by humphrey and Kate says alright do it but humphrey hesitated because he didn't want to hurt Kate and if people saw the scars they would hunt down humphrey but he gave in and but her and they both because wolf/humans. Next time Kate goes to school she accidently turns in front of one of her friends and she promises to keep it a secret but wants to see again. After that humphrey and Kate sleep together in wolf form at humphreys house.
Thx for the compliments and awesome story so far keep it up
7/26/2015 c8 9Datwolfguy
This is a really awesome story bro and I can not wait for the next chapter(:
7/26/2015 c8 Sparrow
Nicely written but i think the plot is moving too fast and the chapters could be a bit longer and for The next chapter maybe Humphrey could get caught by hunters and has to escape good luck.
7/24/2015 c8 Xxthe dark shadowXx
Excellent chapter
7/9/2015 c1 2Humphrey418
Humphrey wakes up and goes out to hunt and kate follows him and sees him change into wolf form to hunt she quickly runs back to the house to think about what she just saw. Humphrey knew kate was following him so he changed in front of her on purpose to show her he was telling the truth. When humphrey gets back kate asks if he could turn in from of her so she could make sure he was telling the truth. Humphrey asks why she can't believe him because he knew she watched him hunt and Kate says she didn't want to creek out over nothing . Humphrey changes in front of Kate to show that he is telling the truth and Kate is shocked as she watches him transform. They talk about when humphrey learned he could do this and they kiss. End of chapter. Or is it?
HOO Dini
7/5/2015 c6 DragonShore
More plz
5/27/2015 c6 Sparrow
Could I be listed as a follower? I have no email so I have no account also I have no computer
5/3/2015 c5 1Mysterydude23
Please keep making more chapters to this story i need inspiration from other authors for ideas for mine you are a good writer it hooked me good job
4/30/2015 c5 Sparrow
Amazing first five chapters many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors however it is still readable if you are typing fast slow down and take your time with it so you make less mistakes but in a nutshell amazing plot yet a lot of grammatical errors.
4/11/2015 c1 2Branonymous
I was kind of hesitant to read this story when I first saw it because of the summary but I feel that this story has the potential to be a great story.
4/9/2015 c5 shadow runner180
Content of this review was too fancy too show.
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