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for The Ice Planet, Hoth

8/31/2017 c1 42Miraculous Pink Ninja
Oh yeah. I remember reading this before I had an account. It was awesome and it still is.
7/26/2016 c1 Aqua-Flora
7/21/2016 c1 13Adoradork
"Just stiff. Donnie's got me." I thought the story was going to go in a different direction there...but cute story :) Poor boys, it's tough being a turtle!
2/20/2016 c1 19Queequegg
D'awww this was adorable! And all of the Star Wars! It's like my favorite things combined into one!
2/18/2016 c1 45leggo lover 99
Aww that's sweet.
9/30/2015 c1 20Pheonix09
That was awesome and adorable, I loved it and wonderful job
6/4/2015 c1 24Sesshomarusama3
This was so good!
4/4/2015 c1 26SewerSurfin
There is a difference you know...brooding and sulking. Raph has the brood down like a pro ;). And I LOVE LOVE Star Wars, so to have all those references in this, with Mikey and Raph...and Donnie, perfect. And I must say, Leo and Donnie don't get a lot of bonding fics, so I am glad they had that conversation. I have toyed with the idea of writing one where Donnie and Leo talk about their human "crushes". You did well with it, especially Leo's reaction. Love this!
4/4/2015 c1 203BubblyShell22
Awesome story. I really liked it and can see this happening. Yeah, as long as they have each other, everything will be okay. Nicely done on this.

The Bubbly One,
3/27/2015 c1 FeatherArtist
WHoa. This one-shot is everything. You know that, right?! Their personalities, struggles - - you captured it. Well done, you!
2/13/2015 c1 19Lexifer666
Ahhh I loved this little one shot, their interactions were so spot on. I also have a thing for their hands, how challenging certain tasks must be and how they look holding a human hand, so I really felt for Donnie on this.
2/8/2015 c1 10Winnychan
Liked the bit where Don gave April the fake knife in the ribs. In general, I think you do Don's April crush waaaay better than the actual show does. I don't think he comes off as too creepy when you do it, though it was still hilarious hearing Raph rag on him for it and covering it with the cough.

"Why does everybody say 'the ice planet Hoth'?" Donnie grumbled , "It's just 'Hoth'. Nobody says 'the desert planet, Tatooine', or 'the swamp planet, Degoba,' or 'the uncomfortably racist planet, Naboo."

This is one of the best Don lines I have ever read in a fanfic. Jesus, so funny...
1/12/2015 c1 21n00btmntfan
This was really great, especially in light of the fact that I've been re-watching the Star Wars movies. "The Uncomfortably Racist Planet, Naboo." LOL I really loved all of the characterization in here, it was pretty spot-on.

One thing though - while I realize they don't swear on the show because, y'know, it's a kids' show, it makes it really hard for me to 'hear' the turtles using off-color language. I might have used 'butt' or 'shell' in lieu of 'ass,' but only because that sounds more natural to the way the turtles speak on the show. (Y'know, like kind of like it would be weird to see a Firefly fic where somebody says 'goddamn' instead of 'gorram,' or 'f***ing' instead of 'rutting.' Sure, the euphemisms are there for the network, but it adds a certain something to the way the characters talk.)

Nevertheless, I loved this story. It made me laugh and I really loved how you continued some of the themes from "Polka Don" with Donnie's self-consciousness about his hands. And Leo is the best big bro ever! Lots of warm fuzzies. :)
1/11/2015 c1 1Wandering Browncoat
This is great stuff. Implied Apritello angst aside, it's not often that you see Leo and Donnie having a brotherly heart to heart as that honour usually falls to Raph, or all of the guys together. Donnie's always been my favourite, and it's nice to see him pour his heart out. Superb work :)
1/9/2015 c1 2CaCadeA
Love it! The Star Wars banter between Mikey and Raph is priceless, and poor Donnie, but at least she tried. For some reason I love the idea of the guys in the snow. Great work on this story! _
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