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3/29/2020 c1 Harrison
This was perfect.

Now, look into a crystal ball, and just imagine Jaden, Yusei, Yuma and every other Yugioh protagonist making a pilgrimage to Atem's final resting place, to learn the secrets of the master of saving the world through Duel Monsters.

That would be a truly special fanfic, if only someone dreamed to write it.
10/26/2015 c1 7Shinigami Merchant
Its nice thought...Yugi going back and remembering
1/11/2015 c1 1Seiki-Demigoddess-ofthe-Geeks
Serper - Ahh! I love this! And it goes along with a lot of what I believe happened as of Post-Canon!

Phanps - That's not proper grammar...starting a sentence with "And"...

Serper - Screw grammar! This. Is. Greatness.
1/9/2015 c1 28Chaos Twin of Destruction
Nice! :3

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