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6/1/2019 c45 Guest
Ah this just amazing I hope You’ll update soon! Xoxo
3/5/2018 c10 Son of sea 9 tail
In chapter ten is he human or squirrels
6/10/2017 c44 draco7347
really love this awesome story cant wait for brand new chapters
5/19/2017 c44 12creativesm75
very good
5/12/2017 c43 creativesm75
I like this fanfic. the crossover seemed ridiculous at first but then, when I read it... iT was...very, very great.
4/22/2017 c43 Shade
I love the story so far. I can't wait till Dumbles figures out he has two Harry's running about and one of them is the farthest thing from a Hero, let alone a moldable pawn as possible. ]
3/17/2017 c43 Guest
This is making me lose the will to fucking live
12/18/2016 c43 10NigelTux
So Red has meet Alastor. That'll likely be humourous when they meet again.
12/18/2016 c43 suntan140
red meet moody love how you add this idea this is the start of why everyone call him mad eye moody :3
7/19/2016 c12 1buterflypuss
are they suddenly somehow human? cause id think reds tail would get mentioned somewhere in that description, not to mention you keep saying hair instead of fur and arms instead of flippers or wings or talons and its getting really confusing. please clarify what is going on
5/28/2016 c39 suntan140
It would be cool if you write a story where Harry is reborn as private.
4/25/2016 c38 2LuckyNumber1
Ooh, have little Harry be a penguin, I love it lol
4/15/2016 c36 LuckyNumber1
Ooh, nice, Harry (red) saving little Harry, it's Harry ceptiom right there, yup, lol that's awsome, yay :)
4/15/2016 c36 suntan140
Is the baby going to be private?
3/16/2016 c31 LuckyNumber1
Soo, Harry, or well, red now, got sent back in time? Soo, James and lily have another Harry? Or is it like a time paradox where the red (Harry) lives out the para Harry time till he magically turns and times travel, and red becomes the only Harry in that time line (kinda like playing keep up, where you go back retrace your steps, and once caught up you add new), so that mean like a another chapter than stuff happens, maybe? Lol I probably confused you, but it's a paradox practically, that happened, present Harry (our red) got sent back into time before James and Lily's marriage, and now since its been fifteen years later they marry and have a Harry, that Harry follows present Harry (our red) timeline till he has the same fate, and timeline is reset, so only present Harry remains, which means that our red goes back to magical world, lol I hope I got it out of confusion, maybe? Lol, if it isn't like that than its okay, lol I was more saying it to help me understand what's happening, seven year old James through me for a loop, literally, lol I don't know if it was a POV flashback by narration, or it's an actual timeline POV change lol, but whatever, I can't wait to see what's next, lol I love it :)
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