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4/14/2015 c1 Aunt Dee94
I liked the finale too.
2/12/2015 c1 11stars90
Let me just say, I agree with you. And I liked your story.
2/8/2015 c1 Guest
love it!:)
1/10/2015 c1 Guest
(sorry, I posted the first part by accident)
... As a huge surprise to me. I had to grin, while reading and could really see it in my head. I would have never thought, I would write this to a Mobatsky-story, but: I hope, you continue this.
1/10/2015 c1 Guest
Maybe during these discussions they can all have a nice laugh about the time that Ted refused to talk to Robin for weeks after she (politely) told him she didn't love him.

Or maybe they could discuss the time that Ted told her she wasn't needy enough in a relationship!

Or Ted's Trilogy Time fantasy where he imagines her as a 1950s housewife who he "banged" into marrying!

Or the discussion where Robin said she wouldn't love Ted and she didn't think time would change that!

Or even the weird fact that Ted always forgets about Robin when he's in a relationship with someone (anyone) else!

You never know, they might work out. Better watch out for broken wifi though, 98.3% of divorces are caused by this. True story. Especially if the couple have known each other for 8 years, seen each other at their worst and still loved each other and stated they they believe the other is their 'soulmate'!
1/10/2015 c1 214special agent Ali
Wow, I must be lame then cuz I thought the salute thing is the cutest bit ever. I have to admit I liked the finale but I hated it too. I liked it cuz I liked Ted/Robin. I love how he does crazy stuff to impress her (and that it actually worked)

What I hated is how Carter and Craig made ALL of season 8 Swarkles love and then just screwed them in finale so Ted could have Robin. Also I hated Tracy had to die so Ted could get Robin. To me that was extremely lame.

Other than that I did like finale. I just didn't like HOW the two got together is all. (I am betting that's how Swarkles fans feel too)

But I did like your story and I hope you don't get flamed for it. I mean there is 90% Swarkles tales here and only 10% any other character story. Okay made 75% cuz i think 10% is the double T tales. But I really think there is only a dozen tales in here that is only Ted/Robin. (I've written a few of them)

I hope you keep this going because I love the kids POV because you can tell they were exasperated in the show. (Man David Henrie is adorable)
1/10/2015 c1 81bikelock28
I love how you've written Penny's voice- very in-character from what we see of her talking to Ted in the show. I like how you balanced Penny and Luke exasperated by T/R, but also in favour of them getting back together. I'm impressed by how in-character Ted and Robin were too.
I think this is the best finale-fic I've read- will you be continuing it?
1/10/2015 c1 5SwarklesFan55
Honestly, I will always ship Barney and Robin. When I first watched the finale, I HATED it. But I really don't Wannsee flame you for liking it. Actually, I don't hate it anymore.
And I really liked this drabble, which came as
1/10/2015 c1 TVlover456
It's a great start!
1/10/2015 c1 SRK12
Its nice to see a Ted and Robin fanfic once in a while. Its a pity because I do feel the transition to the point in the finale was rushed which means the opportunity is ripe for fanfiction writers.

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